The Missing Names From The Green Lantern Movie

The Missing Names From The Green Lantern Movie

When watching Green Lantern, and we know many of you will,  waiting for the extra scene during the credits, make a note of what isn't there.

No mention of the original Green Lantern creator, Marty Nodell, or its writer, Bill Finger.

No mention of those who created the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, John Broome and Gil Kane. Who created Sinestro, the Green Lantern Corps, Hector Hammond and Carol Ferris. The best you'll get is a bar in the movie, called Broome's Bar.

The Missing Names From The Green Lantern Movie

No mention of Alfred Bester, the writer who created the Green Lantern oath, so prominent in the film.

There is mention of Geoff Johns as a co-producer. And it is his books that get seen at the end of the movie, with a name credit for him.

Just not for the people who actually created the characters.

Now you didn't see Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Grant Morrison or Frank Quitely in the recent X-Men First Class. But that was a Fox film. The Marvel Studios film of Thor not only credited Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, but also Walt Simonson and JMS. And the Green Lantern film is made by the owners of DC Comics.

There is no legal necessity for DC and Warners to list their names in the movie. But it does seem jarring that in a movie that cost hundreds of millions, about someone doing the right thing, no matter how difficult, nobody could find a way to solve this one.

They did for The Losers.

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