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The Full Comic Book Creator Credits In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3
He's just one of the many creators listed in the credits during their special thanks, before the post-credits scene… and the post-credits note. The ain character comic book creator credits from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 run as follows: Drax & Gamora created by JIM STARLIN Groot created by STAN LEE, LARRY LIEBER and JACK KIRBY Mantis created[...]
IDW To Publish Gil Kane's Artisan Edition Of Amazing Spider-Man
IDW is to republish their Gil Kane Amazing Spider-Man Artists Edition that was published in hardcover back in 2013 which sold out and sells for a mark-up on the aftermarket, as a paperback Artisan Edition at a much more affordable price point for July next year Though a little after the Morbius movie release from[...]
Gil Kane Original Art Cover To Inhumans #1 Up For Auction
And the original art to that first cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia is up for auction from ComicConnect, going under the hammer later today Currently, it has 18 bids of up to $60,000 and a 15% Bidders Premium will be added to the final value And you know that at some point they[...]
Marvel Premiere 1 featuring Adam Warlock, Marvel Comics 1972.
This pivotal Adam Warlock tale was written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Gil Kane with inks by Dan Adkins The story transforms "Him" into Adam Warlock and contains the first appearance of one of the Infinity Stones — the Soul Gem There's a copy of Marvel Premiere #1 CGC 8.5 up for auction in[...]
The History Of DC Original Artwork At Auction - Kirby, Kane, Kubert +
Joe Kubert and Jaime Hernandez,  Dave Gibbons and Jack Kirby, as well as the likes of Bob Kane and Joe Orlando, Murphy Anderson, Ramona Fradon, Gil Kane, Jim Steranko, and Gene Colan, Michael Kaluta, P Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Frank Thorne, Bill Sienkiewicz, Matt Wagner, Howard Chaykin, and Brian Bolland. History Of DC[...]
First Appearance Of Patsy Walker Up For Auction On ComicConnect
Credit ComicConnect Avengers Keys Are Always Good Investments "Gil Kane cover; Perez art; 1st app Patsy Walker as Hellcat, white pages. Gil Kane was a Latvian-born American comics artist whose career spanned the 1940s to the 1990s and virtually every major comics company and character Kane co-created the modern-day versions of the superheroes Green Lantern and the Atom[...]
Jared Leto Shaves for 'Morbius' While He Can Still See His Reflection (VIDEO)
Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Lucas Foster will produce, with Sony's Palak Patel overseeing production on behalf of the studio. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane in 1971 and first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #101, Morbius the Living Vampire was born scientist Dr Michael Morbius Suffering from a rare blood disease and desperate for[...]
Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman Leads An Impressive Original Art Auction This Week
Yup, I was doing scrolling through the auction list again, something I do every time the topic of original art comes up and I found some pretty cool pieces starting with an original Darwyn Cooke illustration of Wonder Woman. A Michael Turner cover for Wizard World Los Angeles. The Marvel Spotlight #27 cover by Gil Kane. Spawn #33 cover[...]
John Cassaday Pays Homage To Gil Kane With Champions #1 Cover
The fan-favorite artist decided to pay homage to the original Gil Kane Champions #1 cover from October of 1975 Cassaday was only 4 years old when the original issue debuted The cover is being offered up by Dynamic Forces in either color and signed by writer Mark Waid or black & white. The original Champions ran for only a[...]
And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was
Gilbert, Jim Starlin, Joe Kubert, Arthur Adams, Walter Simonson, Paul Norris, Mike Grell, Mary Wilshire, Andy Kubert, Gil Kane, Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Kane, Curt Swan, George Pérez, Howard Chaykin, Jan Duursema, Carmine Infantino, Jim Steranko, Gray Morrow, Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Dave Gibbons, Gilbert Hernandez, Dan Spiegle, Frank Thorne, Ramona Fradon, Matt Wagner, Ernie Colon, Irwin[...]
Gil Kane Amazing Spider-Man, Mark Schultz Xenozoic Tales Get Artist Edition Treatment
BC reporter-in-the-field Chris Thompson just gave us the scoop about the Mad Artist's Edition from the IDW panel, now here's more Artist Edition News: Other announcements at IDW Artist's Edition panel were Gil Kane's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and Mark Schultz's XENOZOIC TALES  Also, the release date for Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT is constantly getting revised. Kane collaborated on[...]
The Missing Names From The Green Lantern Movie
When watching Green Lantern, and we know many of you will,  waiting for the extra scene during the credits, make a note of what isn't there. No mention of the original Green Lantern creator, Marty Nodell, or its writer, Bill Finger. No mention of those who created the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, John Broome and Gil Kane[...]