The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – FIRING OF THE YEAR


One of the true oddities of the year was the lack of expected firings.

Of course I lost my job before being rescued by William Christensen to create this very site. But at the beginning of the year DC was expected to downsize significantly, and Marvel was forced to promise to their staff that there were to be no such dismissals.But people were expecting massive industry-wide dismissals alongside the recession and depression the economy headed into.

It didn't happen. Not to that extent anyway. Chris Allo left Marvel suddenly for what are believed to be misdemeanour reasons, Bob Schreck was fired by DC, seen as a personal move and was pretty much instantly hired by ID and Francine Burke also was pushed out, but the changes at DC may have saved many. Everything went on hold for months, decisions frozen and put off to the new year. Current discussion sees certain senior heads for the chop, but at least people will get a Christmas out of it.

Long standing Diamond employee Mark Herr found his position retrenched and Gemstone significantly downsized. Wizard let go most of its people it seemed and Shannon Denton left Wildstorm to be closer to his family. But it would be McFarlane Toys that downsized the most losing almost all their employees reducing to a skeleton staff.

Then there was Dave Elliott, fired from Radical, with a court case planned for October.

But the firing of the year wasn't really a firing, more of a slightly-pressured resignation, as Paul Levitz left his role as President and Publisher of DC Comics rather than accept an effective demotion in the light of Diane Nelson taking on aspects of his role at the new DC Entertainment. And you read about it first on Bleeding Cool.



Despite being cancelled by Diamond, Harker continues, Britain's only regular SP monthly comic. Issue 10 is out now…

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