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Zack Snyder Shares a B&W Trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League
Diane Nelson's take on Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's Justice League blew up yesterday But no matter what the world throws at you, at Bleeding Cool, you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies, and more The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and[...]
DC Comics President Thought Joss Whedon's Justice League Was Terrible
Catch up on more of our coverage with this tag. DC President Diane Nelson Compared DC Unfavourably to Marvel As well as David Maisel talking about DC's approach compared to Marvel, they also spoke to an old friend of Bleeding Cool, the former President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson, who was there for the whole Zack Snyder[...]
Diane Nelson, Dan DiDio and Drinks…
Last year, Diane Nelson, formerly president of DC Entertainment, joined Jeffrey Katzenberg's short-form video publisher/distributor/platform Quibi She joined former HP CEO Meg Whitman and former co-president and CCO of The Hollywood Reporter Janice Min And somehow the Hollywood Reporter had that scoop They have been making lots of announcements over deals for ten minute video[...]
dc comics shea fontana
And the comic book side would no longer have input into the movies. And now it seems something similar is happening at DC. Over the weekend, President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson posted on her private Facebook page a message of which Bleeding Cool has received an incomplete copy It read, I have lost (In Business) My best friend; My reality touchstone; My partner[...]
Scoop: Geoff Johns Is Now President As Well As Chief Creative Officer Of DC Entertainment
That's right. Geoff Johns is now President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. Diane Nelson is still President of DC Entertainment, and Geoff still reports to Diane.Warner Bros has Presidents like Marvel has Captain Americas. And while there was a lot of Hyatt bar gossip about this at San Diego Comic-Con, I understand from better-connected sources that Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also[...]
How DC Comics' New York Offices Will Close This Week
Next Tuesday, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and the rest of the DC Entertainment senior staff are flying from Burbank to New York, for a dinner that night to celebrate and commemorate the closing of the DC Comics New York offices. Invites for Vice Presidents or equivalent posts only, it seems. As for the DC Comics rank[...]
Diane Nelson Writes To DC Comics' Freelance Creators About The Big Move West
We reported earlier this week that DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson was to address DC Comics staffers about the practicalities of the big move west, as the publisher moves from New York to Burbank. Subsequently, a letter was sent to DC Comics freelancers, informing them of what was to come. Aside from the use of first names,[...]
Today DC Comics Staff Learn Details About The Big Move West
I am told that just over a week ago, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson sent out an e-mail sent to New York DC Comics staffers. Telling them that today, DC Comics will reveal details regarding the move from New York to Burbank next April. Including exactly when the different departments will be packing up and moving.  Six months to go[...]
Here Comes Diane!
I understand that, the week before San Diego Comic Con, when editors are rushing to get work in from creators in the knowledge that next week will be a bit of a dead zone in that regard, the President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson will be popping in from Burbank to New York. The last time[...]
DC Comics To Survey Its Freelancers About Their Concerns
Diane Nelson, President of DC Comics, has written a letter to every freelance creator at DC Comics, ahead of an upcoming survey to be taken from such employees. She begins by stating, DC Entertainment is committed to its talent We have the best, brightest and most creative partners in any entertainment industry, and we are deeply invested[...]
Another DC Vertigo Title About To Hit Television
Unnamed as yet, but it does rather add to the slate. Both in film, and now in TV, DC Vertigo has begun to provide up to half the DC projects being considered in a variety of media. I remember an old quote of DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson; I will say that Vertigo is an area of great[...]
Last Night's Gossip About The DC Comics Move (UPDATE)
But DC Comics staff have been assured by DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, that if they want to join the move West, they can There will be no compulsory redundancies. While all eyes are on the New York DC Comics office and who exactly will move with the publisher and who will quit, the names of[...]
No One Is Getting Fired – Diane Nelson Talks To The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal has talked to DC entertainment Diane Nelson about the move from New York to Burbank for DC Comics. Including the following… Will there be any layoffs? Since some people likely won't move, might you end up cutting positions? No, this is not about any kind of efficiency in terms of overhead or anything else[...]
DC Comics Big Move Meetings Begin Today
There's a big all-hands meeting with Diane Nelson in person, scheduled for today, with individual meetings with human resources scheduled for later in the week. Bleeding Cool has been told by DC insiders that despite what Dan DiDio may have suggested last week, not all current DC employees will be offered relocation to Burbank. Previous Warner President[...]
Timothy Draper Pays $25,000 For Jim Lee To Paint His Wall
The DC We Can Be Heroes – Superman Edition was looking as if it might not quite make it's $100,000 mark on Indiegogo, raising money for charities associated with the Horn Of Africa, and spearheaded by DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson. That was before one Timothy Draper donated $25,000 for the top reward of having DC[...]
How Could Jeff Robinov Leaving Warners Affect DC Comics?
But Robinov was the man who restructured DC Comics into DC Entertainment, who appointed Diane Nelson as President and basically pulled it kicking and screaming from the position within Warner Bros that Paul Levitz and Kevin Tsujihara had negotiated, into the cold harsh daylight where it would have to earn its keep At the time, it[...]
So What The Hell Is Going On At DC Right Now?
And it might explain discussion about increasing efficiencies at DC… There's been a suggestion that Diane Nelson may have moved on at Warners, while waiting for her bosses to finish their jousting for top position And this is the big news. The third suggestion is that something radical is happening to publishing policy, involving a major jump[...]
Diane Nelson Caught In Warners Power Struggle
The LA Times reports that at the top of Warner Bros, three executives Television Group President Bruce Rosenblum, Motion Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov and Home Entertainment Group President Kevin Tsujihara are jostling for the position of President of Warner Bros and are not working together as a result. It also reports that other Warner executives[...]
The First DC Comics Retailer Roadshow – And A Return for THUNDER Agents
The first DC Retailer Roadshow took place yesterday at Warner Bros in Burbank, as around twenty teams of retailers were ushered through security checks into the belly of the beast. Executive big guns Bob Wayne, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, Diane Nelson, Hank Kanalz and John Rood were in attendance with Rood moderating He did not attempt[...]
The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – FIRING OF THE YEAR
But it would be McFarlane Toys that downsized the most losing almost all their employees reducing to a skeleton staff. Then there was Dave Elliott, fired from Radical, with a court case planned for October. But the firing of the year wasn't really a firing, more of a slightly-pressured resignation, as Paul Levitz left his role as[...]
EXCLUSIVE: Who Watches DC Comics – Diane Nelson?
Well, I understand from senior sources that Paul Levitz, President and Publisher of DC Comics will now no longer report to President and COO of Warner Bros, Alan Horn, but to fellow executive Diane Nelson, President of Warner Premiere. All these Presidents, it feels like an media conglomerate version of Mount Rushmore. What does that mean to[...]