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Diane Nelson, Dan DiDio and Drinks…

Last year, Diane Nelson, formerly president of DC Entertainment, joined Jeffrey Katzenberg’s short-form video publisher/distributor/platform Quibi She joined former HP CEO Meg Whitman and former co-president and CCO of The Hollywood Reporter Janice Min And somehow the Hollywood Reporter had that scoop They have been making lots of announcements over deals for ten minute video[...]

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Geoff Johns, DC President, No Longer Reports To DC

And the comic book side would no longer have input into the movies.And now it seems something similar is happening at DC. Over the weekend, President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson posted on her private Facebook page a message of which Bleeding Cool has received an incomplete copy It read, I have lost (In Business)My best friend;My reality touchstone;My partner[...]

Stephen Amell Suggests The Deathstrokes Of Two Worlds

Even as recently as Arrow's fourth season, fans were repeatedly told the appearance by Matt Ryan's John Constantine was a one-time thing.But in the case of Deathstroke -- the likely antagonist of Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie -- Arrow star Stephen Amell believes it is possible to usher the character back to television in some[...]

Scoop: Geoff Johns Is Now President As Well As Chief Creative Officer Of DC Entertainment

That's right. Geoff Johns is now President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.Diane Nelson is still President of DC Entertainment, and Geoff still reports to Diane.Warner Bros has Presidents like Marvel has Captain Americas.And while there was a lot of Hyatt bar gossip about this at San Diego Comic-Con, I understand from better-connected sources that Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also[...]

Deathstroke Unavailable To Arrow Producers; Waller's Fate Not A DC Decision

on the series was terminated, but in another Tumblr post, Guggenheim wrote, "It wasn't mandated by DC."Previously, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson announced the TV and film universes would be separate in an attempt to keep from "handcuffing our creators into trying to work with the same storyline or force them to hold back characters[...]

How Utilizing DC Comics Is Changing Warner Bros.

Pictures, would be available to all the divisions.Soon after, Tsujihara began to hold bi-weekly DC strategy sessions with DC Entertainment’s Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns, Sue Kroll and Greg Silverman of Warner Bros Pictures Warner TV’s Peter Roth.The results were most immediate on television, with multiple DC properties now appearing three nights a week[...]

DC's Super Hero Girls Debuts "Welcome To Super Hero" Short

Nope, it's slightly better because Grodd in tweed is a great image.DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns tells USA Today, "I don't think anyone can argue against the fact that we have the best female superheroes and characters in all of comics." The initiative acknowledges the changing face of several markets and Johns calls it[...]

Bill Finger To Receive Credit On Gotham, Batman V Superman

Beginning with the new season of Gotham and next summer's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Finger will be acknowledged for what DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson called in a statement his "significant role in DC Comics' history."Finger was also instrumental in the creation of Green Lantern, Wildcat, the Joker and many other DC characters[...]

DC President Diane Nelson Discusses Separate Media Universes

While talking to Variety at their Entertainment and Technology Summit, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson discussed the company's plans to keep their film, television and other media universes separate as opposed to Marvel's one cinematic universe, which reaches across film, broadcast television and streaming service Netflix.Though creating a cohesive universe works for the old cross-town[...]

DC Entertainment's Diane Nelson To Lead Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment and president and CCO of Warner Bros Interactive will take the reigns of Warner Bros Consumer Products as well, according to The Hollywood Reporter."With more and more of our consumer products business being directly driven by DC characters and storylines, a closer alignment of the divisions makes a lot[...]

How DC Comics' New York Offices Will Close This Week

Next Tuesday, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and the rest of the DC Entertainment senior staff are flying from Burbank to New York, for a dinner that night to celebrate and commemorate the closing of the DC Comics New York offices.Invites for Vice Presidents or equivalent posts only, it seems.As for the DC Comics rank[...]

Diane Nelson Writes To DC Comics' Freelance Creators About The Big Move West

We reported earlier this week that DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson was to address DC Comics staffers about the practicalities of the big move west, as the publisher moves from New York to Burbank.Subsequently, a letter was sent to DC Comics freelancers, informing them of what was to come.Aside from the use of first names,[...]

Today DC Comics Staff Learn Details About The Big Move West

I am told that just over a week ago, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson sent out an e-mail sent to New York DC Comics staffers.Telling them that today, DC Comics will reveal details regarding the move from New York to Burbank next April.Including exactly when the different departments will be packing up and moving. Six months to go[...]

Here Comes Diane!

I understand that, the week before San Diego Comic Con, when editors are rushing to get work in from creators in the knowledge that next week will be a bit of a dead zone in that regard, the President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson will be popping in from Burbank to New York.The last time[...]

So, What Exactly Does Geoff Johns Do At DC Comics?

The Wall Street Journal broke the story on the new Justice League movie as well as the likes of Shazam, 100 Bullets, Fables and Metal Men in production. Bleeding Cool covered the movie stuff last night. But it's also checking on what the Warners' plans for DC Comics are. And how things are a little […]

DC Comics To Survey Its Freelancers About Their Concerns

Diane Nelson, President of DC Comics, has written a letter to every freelance creator at DC Comics, ahead of an upcoming survey to be taken from such employees.She begins by stating, DC Entertainment is committed to its talent We have the best, brightest and most creative partners in any entertainment industry, and we are deeply invested[...]