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The Comic Creators With Special Thanks In Netflix's Sandman, And Why
First, here are all the credits as listed for Special Thanks: Episode 1:  Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack Oleck, Nestor Redondo, Jack Sparling. Episode 2: Gardner F Fox, Bob Haney, Paul Levitz, Joe Orlando, Jack Oleck, Nestor Redondo, Jack Sparling, Alex Toth, Mike Sekowsky, Mark Hanerfeld, Bill Draut Episode 3:  Stephen Bissette, Mike Carey, Steve Dillon, Gardner F[...]
Paul Levitx Writes His First Prose For Generation Wonder YA Anthology
Former DC Comics President and Publisher and Legion of Super-Heroes writer Paul Levitz is a contributor to the upcoming anthology Generation Wonder: The New Age of Heroes His story, "Bumped!", marks Levitz's very first prose fiction Each story, and the cover, will have an illustration by Colleen Doran and will attempt to turn superhero tropes[...]
Who Is The Mystery DC Comics Credit Thief? Not Paul Levitz…
Couch quoted former DC Publisher and President Paul Levitz, who confidently went out of his way to get compensation for comics creator work being used by multi-media at, saying; For years, the job of determining payments on something like The Dark Knight fell to Paul Levitz, who served as DC's president and publisher from 2002 to 2009[...]
DC Comics Publishing Numbers Will Be Cut From 20-25%
He also cites former President and Publisher Paul Levitz as stating he had "grammar problems," and when Levitz told him "some people think you deserve this" when Richards won an award He also states that he was only even promoted to associate editor after Levitz was replaced by Diane Nelson as President. Williams shared examples of[...]
Paul Levitz, Simon Fraser's Unfinished Business Rescheduled For April
Former DC Comics publisher and president Paul Levitz' new graphic novel with 2000AD artist Simon Fraser was planned to be published in June this year But, you know, things happened The graphic novel, to be published by Dark Horse Comics, has now been rescheduled for April 2021. Unfinished Business cover by Simon Fraser. It was previously described[...]
Comics Folk Talk Dennis ONeil
Our field has lost a giant. Paul Levitz Denny's gone, brought social conscience to comics He was a journalist at heart, and knew his obit would have Batman in the lede, but I think he'd have been prouder of this way of looking at his life Not that he was the first, much less the only one,[...]
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From the early years of co-op advertising, a large dedicated staff, lead by publisher Paul Levitz, who championed the CBSR along with Bob Wayne Paul and Bob were our wartime consigliere's, as they would quickly come up with well thought out plans of action when hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters took its toll on select[...]
Paul Levitz and Simon Frazer Have Unfinished Business at Dark Horse
Dark Horse Comics has announced a new graphic novel from Eisner Hall-of-Famer Paul Levitz and Man With Two First Names Simon Fraser hitting stores this June Unfinished Business, according to a press release at least so take it with a grain of salt, is a "tantalizing original graphic novel of dark mystery and magical realism[...]
Paul Levitz Gets An Extra Issue for The Visitor
When Valiant Entertainment announced their new series of December, The Visitor by Paul Levitz and MJ Kim (though Bleeding Cool somehow had a four-month lead) it was listed as a five-issue series. Well, it seems that this Visitor will be sticking around a little longer, for six issues. As a result, the Pre-Order Bundle offer that Valiant[...]
Paul Levitz and MJ Kim Reboot The Visitor at Valiant in December
In an EX-X-XCLUSIVE report confirming something Bleeding Cool reported first four months ago, sexy Dora the Explorer advocacy website The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Paul Levitz and MJ Kim will reboot The Visitor at Valiant this December Though The Visitor takes its title and some inspiration from the original Valiant comic, this is a[...]
From Fandom to the Front Office
Paul Levitz has had a lengthy career in comics Former President of DC Comics Publisher for 17 years Eisner Award-winning writer A panel was held Thursday afternoon to spotlight the man and his contributions to the medium and to the industry. Moderated by George Gustines, a journalist for the New York Times, the discussion began by[...]
Paul Levitz to Launch The Visitor from Valiant Entertainment
With Valiant Entertainment taking the podium and, as well as talking to the assembled throng of comic store owners and managers about consignment programmes for conventions, and looking at upcoming announced titles, they dropped a brand new thing. Paul Levitz's The Visitor From Valiant Entertainment At some point. What it is, we haven't a clue[...]