The Twelve Is Back. Probably.

The Twelve was a twelve-issue series from Marvel that took classic Golden Age Marvel superheroes and recast them in the modern day, basically what if a bunch of Captain Americas from the dregs of World War II had all woken up now…

By J Michael Straczynski and Chris Weston, the series was warmly received but went on hiatus when Weston jumped to work on Book Of Eli storyboards and JMS suddenly found himself in extra demand now that he had an BAFTA-nominated screenplay under his belt in the shape of Changeling. And the mini-series has been in limbo since.

Well, Chris Weston seems to have hinted that it's back, saying that he is working on this…


Yes, that's The Twelve. Now Chris, timewise, you have Planetary #27 to beat… think you can do that?

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