Titan Announces The Oddly Titled Dr. Grordbort Presents: Triumph Where There Is 'Shooting Things With Ray Guns'

Titan Comics is releasing a new graphic novel on April 15th with the oddest of odd titles: Dr. Grordbort Presents: Triumph, by Greg Broadmore. Does it win some kind of award among odd titles of the year? But the truth is, the teaser content I've seen is pretty odd too and may trump the title.

Here's the description from Titan:

Since the first word was inscribed onto parchment, man has searched for tomes that lift the lid on the inner machinations of the human condition and reveal truths about humanity and its place in the universe — there are books that teach, books that inspire and books that offer a glimpse into our very souls…

Triumph, on the other hand, is full of violence, bad language, interplanetary racism and a little sprinkling of smut… but you get what you pay for.

Dr Grordbort, chronicles the interplanetary misadventures of Lord Cockswain as he enforces earthly justice on the belligerent savages of our solar system. Created by WETA Workshop Alumni, Greg Broadmore!

Dear Lord, we are really in for it, aren't we? Well, here is some promo are and the cover, which you will get when you get what you pay for:

Dr Grordbort ADTriumph_cover_final

Having looked over the artwork, I conclude that this actually looks pretty hilarious and also the retro style posterwork is very bold and amusing, reminding me a little of why I enjoyed the Thrilling Adventure Hour compilation from Archaia based on the live event series. And you can't beat the honesty of "shooting things with ray guns" and "unnecessarily violent tales".

But we even have a catchy little promo trailer:

And here's our book information should you choose to seek out this oddness:

Dr. Grordbort Presents: Triumph 56pp/FC
On sale in comic stores 15 April 2014.

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