Today's Dimensional Travel Guide For Marvel And DC

So we have a Secret Wars and a Convergence coming, with all manner of dimensional travel, worlds fighting worlds and Marvel and DC fighting to tell the same story. So what signs are there in today's comics of what might be happening?

Image (87)

This is the Old Logan dimension/time, known as the Wastelands on the Secret Wars Battleworld, and dimension 31 – and visited briefly today in All-New X-Men, also taking a trip across to the Ultimate Universe.

It's not the only world visited. There is an equine world of demonic heroes on horseback – could this be the Age Of Apocalpse and new Horsemen, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Scarlet Witch? Could this be world 2 – Domain Of Apocalypse?

Image (69)

We also visit to a world with X-Men and Spider-Man fighting a Storm army… any idea which world this could be? (UPDATE – people are thinking world 29, the Monarchy Of M…)

Image (99)

While New 52: Futures End, gives us a look at the multiverse, possibly being held together by Donna Troy…

Image (77)As Brainiac gets to work sealing off part of the Five Years Later world in a dome of its own…

Image (102)

While over in the final chapter of Spider-Verse, in Amazing Spider-Man could an act by one of the many Spider-Men help lead to the creation of the Battleworld?

Image (100)

While Fantomelle in Wolverines demonstrates how she flip around the place dimensionally. Could that be a useful skill on the Battleworld?
Image (74)

Though it seems not everything changes from world to world. In Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen still has Eminem…

Image (83)

Here's a look at those Secret Wars Battleworlds so far…

  • 1. Greenland – Planet Hulk
    2. Dystopia – Future Imperfect
    3. Domain of Apocalypse. – Age of Apocalypse
    4. Egyptia – Forever Yesterday
    5. Technopolis – Armour Wars
    6. *Classified*
    7. Spider-Land – Spider Island
    8. The Regency – Renew your Vows
    9. King James' England – 1602
    10. Weirdworld – Weirdworld (or maybe Crazy Universe?)
    11. K'un Lun – Shang Chi's K'un Lun
    12. Utopolis – ?
    13. New Mars – ?
    14. *Classified
    15. Higher Avalon – Captain Britain
    16. Archania – ?
    17. Marville – A-Babies vs X-Babies
    18. The Eye of Aggamotto – ?
    19. *Classified*
    20. Manhattan – 616 and Ultimate Universe
    21. The City – Marvel Noir?
    22. The Warzone – Civil War
    23. New Quack City – Duckworld
    24. The Far East – Mangaverse?
    25. Valley of Flame – Where Monsters Dwell
    26. The HYDRA Empire?
    27. 2099 – Avengers 2099
    28. The Hala Field – Carol Corpse
    29. The Monarchy of M – House of M
    30. Sentinel Territories – Years of Future Past
    31. The Wastelands – Old Man Logan
    32. Mutopia – ?
    33. Westchester – X-Men '92
    34. Killville – MODOK Assassin
    35. Arcadia – ?
    36. Bar Sinister – ?
    37. Limbo – Inferno
    38. The Deadlands – Marvel Zombies
    39. Perfection – Age of Ultron
    40. New Xandar – Infinity Gauntlet
    41. The Wall – ?Unallocated but seen in artwokEarth x
    New Universe
    The Reigning
    Squadron Supreme
    Supreme Power
    Twilight Of The GodsPossibilitiesMutant X
    Age Of X
    Strikeforce: Morituri
    Spider-Ham Universe
    Marvel Apes
    Heroes Reborn
    Miracleman Universe
  • Powers
  • Star Wars

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, running a Kieron GIllen Darth Vader #1 signing on Saturday, on Valentine's Day.


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