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What Big Plans Does DC Comics Have for Brainiac? (Spoilers)
In last week's Superman Annual 2023 from DC Comics, we caught up with Lobo, captured by Lex Luthor's biggest enemies, as well as those who had bigger plans for him, such as Brainiac. …who may be looking at creating an army of Lobos, of Czarnians… You saw his tendrils in the Dawn Of DC imagery, as well[...]
Who Is In Lex Luthor's New Legion Of Doom For The DC Universe? (Spoilers)
The classic membership has been thirteen members, Black Manta, Giganta, Toyman, Riddler, Bizarro, Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, and Sinestro. The DC Rebirth relaunch of Justice League by Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung reintroduced the Legion of Doom, now Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, and Turtle, with former members Black Manta and Joker having been ejected[...]
Superman Battles Brainiac For The First Time, On Auction Today
Superman's ultimate baddie will always be Brainiac to me Give me a foe that uses brains over brawn anytime, especially against Superman; I get so tired of the argument that all Supes comics are boring since he cannot be bested physically Brainiac is a different beast altogether, and I would love to own his debut[...]
Defund The Green Lantern Corps (Justice League Vs Legion Spoilers)
With future Brainiac explaining that the people who gave him the ring were not Elders of Oa. So as the League and the Legion deal with the encroaching Great Darkness across the centuries (which will no doubt tie into the upcoming Death of The Justice League and Flashpoint Beyond stuff) we get to see the journey[...]
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If Kara (Benoist) and Lena (Katie McGrath) have any chance of defeating the double-threat of Gamenmae (Cara Buono) and Leviathan, and … of course… Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer), they're going to need to get the band back together: Brainiac (Jesse Rath), Alex (Chyler Leigh), J'onn (David Harewood), Dreamer (Nicole Maines), and Kelly (Azie Tesfair)[...]
Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hours Exxxtreme #1 Review: Frag-Tastic
The Becky Cloonan-written middle tale checks in with a surprisingly mopey Hawkman, dumping the winged warrior in a surprisingly effective place (only Skartaris might have been more apropos) before taking a trip to rewrite the modern myths, Main Man style, while also putting Brainiac in a dress. Somehow, all of this actually makes a weird kind[...]
Brainiac Is Here for Superman in the New Prime 1 Studio Statue
Brainiac has arrived on earth to kill Superman himself After destroying Krypton in the Injustice universe, he has changed his course to finish what he started by killing at the last Kryptonian Prime 1 Studio is giving Brainiac the statue he deserves with its newest release There are two versions of the statue, one is the standard[...]
"Krypton" Season 2, Episode 4: "A Better Yesterday" (SPOILERS)
That didn't work, which probably has something to do with a segment of Brainiac's (Blake Ritson) presence still hanging out in his head. Lyta (Georgina Campbell) is taking control of the rebel survivors on Wegthor, and sets the rebels free to set up a meeting between herself, Val-El (Ian McElhinney), and Jax, who are still reeling[...]
"Krypton" Season 2, Episode 4: How Close Exactly is "Danger Close?" (SPOILER REVIEW)
It's funny seeing Cuffe clean shaven after having him sport a full beard lately. //Credit: SYFY It looks like Seg might still have remnants of Brainiac (Blake Ritson) in his head, since the living machine is watching the whole thing. Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) and Seg are still outside of Kandor, looking to sneak into the city. We flash[...]
"Krypton" S02, Ep03: "Will to Power"
Scanlan) and Brainiac (Blake Ritson), but they find themselves in a Kandor that has been completely transformed under the tyranical rule of General Zod (Colin Salmon) They might be getting the better end of things, though- last we saw Brainiac, he was about to meet the ax end of Lobo's wrath. //Credit: SYFY There was a lot[...]
"Krypton" S02, Ep03: "Will to Power"
Scanlan), who is hunting them down to get some revenge on Brainiac (Blake Ritson) Brainiac has managed to entrench itself within Seg's body, so now, Lobo has every intent of killing Seg, too. //Credit: SYFY Seg's willpower is really strong, and that is allowing him to push back against Brainiac's hostile takeover Krypton's take on Brainiac is[...]
Then Earthman Adam Strange shows up from the future to tell him he needs to prevent Brainiac from messing up the timeline and preventing the emergence of Superman in the future Hijinks ensue… then General Zod arrives from the future and even more hijinks ensue. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: KRYPTON | Season[...]
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Based on the DC characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the series stars Cameron Cuffe (The Halcyon) as Seg-El, Georgina Campbell (Broadchurch) as Lyta-Zod, Shaun Sipos (The Vampire Diaries) as Adam Strange, Colin Salmon (Arrow) as General Dru-Zod, Ann Ogbomo (World War Z) as Jayna-Zod, Aaron Pierre (Britannia) as Dev-Em, Rasmus Hardiker (Your Highness) as Kem, Wallis Day (Will) as Nyssa-Vex, Blake Ritson (Da Vinci's Demons) as Brainiac, and Ian McElhinney (Game of[...]
'Krypton' Season 2 Cast & Crew Take Viewers Behind the Scenes [PREVIEW]
As in previous images and video, the behind-the-scenes video pits Krypton's heroes against a host of villains, including Brainiac (returning from season 1), General Zod (moving from anti-hero in season 1 to full-on villain in season 2), Doomsday (who was released at the end of season 1), and the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo (new to[...]
Phantom Zone
The idea is that Adam has traveled 200 years into the past — and across space — to stop another person from traveling back and preventing Superman from ever going to Earth. We spend the first five episodes believing Adam was there to stop Brainiac (Blake Ritson) from stealing Kandor City But halfway through we meet[...]
Krypton Season 1: Why the Best Episode was 'Transformation'
All the while the Voice of Rao (Blake Ritson) is transforming more and more into Brainiac. This is where all allegiances are shuffled up Nyssa is hurt to discover that her father would kill her to save himself and then stunned that Seg would risk his own life to help her We find out what happened[...]
Krypton Season 1: What Do We Think About Brainiac?
The big bad for the season was Brainiac… but was he the best villain introduced? To play Brainiac, series creator David Goyer pulled an actor he worked with on Da Vinci's Demons, Blake Ritson, for the role, and he did a phenomenal job Ritson played both the full version of the Collector of Worlds and the[...]
Green Arrow Annual #2 cover by David Lopez
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] There is a Brainiac spaceship raining chaos upon Seattle It looks like a job for the Justice League, but they're nowhere to be seen Even worse, Green Arrow can't get in touch with Red Arrow, Arsenal, or Black Canary, and the Queen Incorporated cell phone satellite has been taken down Thankfully, Batgirl contacts Ollie[...]
Justice League: No Justice #3 cover by Francis Manapul
Team Entropy attempt to coax Vril Dox into providing a plan for dealing with the Omega Titans in the absence of Brainiac Team Wonder struggle for workarounds to the limits Brainiac's suits put on their magical abilities while jumpstarting the Tree of Wonder on Colu Team Wisdom attempt to drain the Tree of Wisdom to[...]
Krypton Season 1: Sneak Peek at the Season Finale
Now he proposes going back in to get him to help them find a way to defeat Brainiac (Blake Ritson) Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) don't trust him at all while Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) doesn't really show what she is feeling There is more to it, but I'll let you watch if you[...]
Justice League: No Justice #2 cover by Francis Manapul
On Colu, the Justice League gathered by Brainiac try to decide what their next move is They consider splitting into their own team, but Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor convince them that their best move is to split into the four teams organized by Brainiac As Wonder, Entropy, Mystery, and Wisdom, the four teams lead[...]
Savage Night
Seg, Lyta-Zod (Georgina Campbell) and Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day) will head to the Outlands to retrieve the body of Dev-Em (Aaron Pierre) so they can use his connection to Brainiac to figure out how to break his control over the red guard. The meeting with Black Zero goes well; they meet the leader Jax-Ur (Hannah Waddingham), who[...]
Justice League: No Justice #1 cover by Francis Manapul
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Brainiac has attacked Earth, specifically targeting the Justice League, the Titans, the Teen Titans, and the Suicide Squad Despite defeating each team handily, Brainiac is seeking help from the heroes of Earth The destruction of the Source Wall has released the Omega Titans, and one is targeting Brainiac's home planet of Colu for consumption[...]
Krypton Season 1: Sneak Peek at Episode 8
All of that changed when Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) showed up… now seven episodes later things have turned completely upside down, and most of what fans expected from the series has been much crazier. As the season has gotten crazier and deeper into the house politics and Brainiac storyline, the character of Kem has pulled back[...]
Krypton Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Transformation
This article contains spoilers for Krypton season 1, episode 7, 'Transformation'. . . . . . The episode kicks off with the failed coup against the Voice of Rao as he reveals he is indeed Brainiac (Blake Ritson) It appears only Jayna (Ann Ogbomo) escapes — Dev-Em (Aaron Pierre) isn't as lucky Brainiac then has Daron-Vex (Elliot Cowan) brought in and[...]