Tuesday Runaround – Brian Bendis Grants Three Wishes

VampiWatch: Joe Jusko complains that Harris has cancelled his new Vampirella poster as a result of low orders.

I've just been informed by Harris Comics that the poster has been canceled due to low pre-order numbers. This really sucks as it's one of the best things I've ever done with probably the most work I've ever put into anything. I put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of Diamond Distribution who refused to carry the poster in their catalog, blocking any and all retailers from even knowing it existed, much less being able to order it. The poster was doomed from then onward as there was no way that orders would ever be high enough with Harris soliciting through their website alone. This is the problem with monopolies of any kind but especially in a business as small as ours. I am so fucking pissed at the situation (not to mention the lack of respect for my work).

The image will be used by Harris as the cover for the 40th Anniversary box set as an alternative, but that doesn't ease my ire over such a bullshit situation.

Tuesday Runaround – Brian Bendis Grants Three Wishes

Tuesday Runaround – Brian Bendis Grants Three WishesBendisWatch: Is the Bendis Board the modern equivalent of the genie's lamp? I only ask because in December 2008, Steve Flack posted;

I want John Romita Jr. to draw The Avengers.

And I mean, the real, honest to god Captain America-Iron Man-Thor Avengers.

It's gonna happen eventually. And when it does, call the book, THE AVENGERS, and put JRJR on it.

And if Spider-Man is on that team, then it's a fucking bonus, because JRJR Spidey is perfect.

Oh, and Klaus Janson on inks.

Bendis, make this happen please.

And, you know, those inks do look fairly Jansony…

CraftWatch: Doug Lefler teaches us all a lesson about storytelling.

SportsWatch: Speed skater Charles Hamelin is, when he's off the ice, a comic book creator.

The confidence comes with an acute knowledge of his chief rivals, among them South Korea's Lee Ho-Suk and the U.S.'s Apolo Anton Ohno. And Hamelin, whose other teammates on the men's squad include three-time Olympian Francois-Louis Tremblay and Guillaume Bastille, has his layers. He's an enthusiastic visual artist, spending much of his free time drawing manga, the Japanese-style comics. He drives a sporty red car known as a Mazdaspeed3 and speaks quietly of a love for speed. He occasionally unzips his racing suit to reveal nipples menacingly perforated by shiny metal skewers.

DigitalComicsWatch: here has been a lot of fuss with various media outlets wondering if Marvel comics will be on the iPad. Well, yes, if they're on the iPhone, they can be on the iPad. That's kind of the point. Whether it will be new comics, as opposed to selections from Marvel's back catalogue, that will make the difference…

AboutManga asks a bunch of manga publishers and creators for their reactions to the iPad news. The publisher of Yaoi Press, who we know better from other stories gives a possible down side.

I'm not as hopeful about the iPad as I was this morning. The iTunes store just rejected Zesty, our tamest graphic novel, without citing a reason. We thought this could be a bright spot for us akin to our sales on Amazon Kindle, but we're very discouraged right now.

StageWatch: And, just as Adi Tantimedh pans the very existence of Saturday Night Live, cast members and writers ran a benefit night to fund putting the staging of the Phoebe Glockner graphic novel Diary Of A Teenage Girl as a play, opening in March.

LosersWatch: And the Daily Mail finds reason to run lots of near-naked stills of Zoe Saldana from the movie The Losers. Cheap, shallow tactics that enable the newspaper to resemble a men's mag with a facade of distance to preserve their precious moral high ground. Despicable it really is.

Oh go on then, let's have a look.

Tuesday Runaround – Brian Bendis Grants Three Wishes

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