Visual Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards

Visual Of The Year

It's comics. You can be guaranteed there's a lot of look at. So what were the visuals of 2014 in the comics industry that have been burnt into our collective retinas?

Visual Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards

The Powerpuff Girls #6 proposed cover by Mimi Yoon for IDW caught the ire of retailer Dennis Barger and saw IDW withdraw the cover.

Plenty of folk were confused by T-shirts this year, such as exactly who Green Lantern was…


Who publishes Batman..?


And exactly what was wrong with certain T-shirts...

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Though Norm Rapmund was happy to wear one.


Frank MIller managed to gain as much fuss over one Catwoman cover as he did his diatribe against the 99%ers.


And for me, running this image, took up the rest of my day. It confirmed the story we had run through 2014, that John Romita Jr, a lifelong Marvel artist, had signed an exclusive deal to draw, even write, Superman.


Saw DC's lawyer Amy E Genkins get in touch telling me "we must demand that you immediately remove the screen grab images and John Romita, Jr. Superman artwork from the Bleeding Cool website as the provision of these images to you could not have taken place without a breach of a confidentiality obligation to DC or the unlawful access to our proprietary information, and the posting and continued display of these images violates DC Entertainment's intellectual property and other rights" though our argument back citing fair use and pointing out that we had not acquired that image by the means they believed, was not replied to.


Thankfully we cleansed our palate with one of the best cosplay shots of the year from Wondercon.

Visual Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards

And the new look Batgirl said so, so much about the potential of a new look DC under Bateditor Mark Doyle.


It was also quite a moment when this image , that Sabrina The Teenage Witch was to marry Cthulhu was more popular than anything at San Diego Comic Con for, it seems, any site.


It was a small image, But this was Bill Mantlo, co-creator of Rocket Raccoon, after seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy in a special private screening.


There was a certain image that sneaked out of a retailer meeting in Las Vegas that changed everything,

the cornetto of solidarity

Joss Whedon claimed solidarity with Edgar Wright, as he left the Ant-Man movie.


 You'll always remember where you were when you heard about Yale Stewart's dick pic. And if you chose to go on 4chan to search for the unedited version.

Then there was the time when DC and Marvel seemed to be on the brink of crossing over with each other…

IMG_0036Visual Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards

But in the end, despite all these DC images, there was only one visual that dominated the comics industry headlines in 2014. A certain cover by the Italian painter and comic book artist (currently hard at work on a new graphic novel Le Caravage). Milo Manara. And his Spider-Woman #1 variant cover. When we saw it, we called it the cover that would launch a thousand headlines and we weren't wrong.


People made parodies, tried to replicate the pose, interviewed Manara where he claimed inspiration from God , there was a bit of an online fight when folk thought Manara had been banned from Marvel and, months later, Marvel published it. Like this.


And for that Marvel, and Milo Manara win Visual Of The Year. But we can't leave without a bonus category,

Smell Of The Year

Won by Harley Quinn for this particular odour.

Image (64)




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