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Milo Manara's Bottles of J Rose London Gin
Italian comic book artist Milo Manara is currently working on a Sin City comic book for Frank Miller Presents, for next year, titled Sin City In Color But he's also having an impact in the world of alcohol Hired by Italian company J Rose London Gin to design their bottles, they can look like these…   #gallery-1[...]
Lake Como Comic Art Festival Full Guest List For 2023
And while a European convention, it is also aimed at Japan, the UK and the USA, with English spoken through the show. Bleeding Cool has been given an exclusive first look at the full creator list for the Lake Como show. Joining previously announced creators at Lake Como will be a host of new and returning guests,[...]
Elon Musk Tweets Milo Manara Artwork As Thirst Trap For Donald Trump
And why Musk appears to be tweeting… thirst traps for Donald Trump using the erotic art of comic book creator Milo Manara… Elon Musk Twitter screemcap. Thought this seems to be originally created by one Elon Musk-supporting blogger, Eva Fox Elon Musk' has some geek ties, a massive fan of Douglas Adams, and appeared the Iron Man 2[...]
Milo Manara To Draw Frank Miller's Sin City
I saw the Italian comic book artist Milo Manara this weekend past at Lake Como Comic Art Festival Despite being in his late seventies, he was the hardest working creator at the show, with lines for him lined up hours before the show started, and all through the show Frank Cho could have been annoyed[...]
Lake Como Comic Art Festival Auction
One item unavailable, bu will be auctioned by the show at a later date is a Druuna piece pencilled by her creator Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri and inked by Frank Cho, and intended to be one of a number of collaborative pieces by European and American artists auctioned by the show going forward. And here are all[...]
Milo Manara and Sex Blackmail at Heritage Auctions
Milo Manara may be one of the most talked-about comics artists today He is revered for his work by most, and even when his name comes up in regards to a controversial cover, usually due to an iconic character's pose, he has one of the strongest and most ardent fanbases in comics And for a[...]
A New Milo Manara Exhibition to Open in Belgium in June
I've had a very nice press invite to Brussells in early June for Huberty & Breyne Gallery's new exhibition of the work of Milo Manara Sadly, making international commitments that soon is probably tricky given the UK government's restrictions on international travel And Belgium's for .that matter as well Still, get to admire from afar…[...]
Image Comics Ends Line-Wide Returnability Programme
Image Comics will still continue its "No Risk #1 Program" offering full returnability on launch titles, including the following books. Milo Manara cover to Karmen #1, Image Comics Nocterra #1 – Gem Of The Month (Jan210016) Writer: Scott Snyder Artists / Cover: Tony S Daniel & Tomeu Morey Image Comics – March 3 / 40 Pages / FC/ M /[...]
From Manara To Mignola To Madueira - Original Artwork Up For Auction
In Excellent condition. As is just $82 from his second issue. Milo Manara Milo Manara – Woman in Blue Dress Illustration Original Art (c 2000s). A woman views herself in a sexy blue dress in this illustration by acclaimed Italian artist Milo Manara Known for his erotic art and depiction of the female form, this piece is a wonderful[...]
When Milo Manara Paid Sexy Tribute to 9-11 Attacks
One of those non-Americans is legendary Italian comic book artist Milo Manara The Chadster doesn't often get to cover comic books here at Bleeding Cool, but when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this post by one of my favorite comic book artists featuring such a special tribute on a somber day, I knew[...]
*That* Milo Manara Spider-Woman Original Cover Art Up For Auction
A variant cover to Spider-Woman #1 about three relaunches ago, by Italian artist Milo Manara famed for his portrayal of women First highlighted by Bleeding Cool as being something of note on the 19th of August 2014, it exploded across all known media. On the 20th of August, Slate ran with "This Week In Butts" io9 reported[...]
Milo Manara Announces
On May 15th, Milo Manara announced a new portfolio of his recent drawings called Lockdown Heroes through Italian company Feltrinelli Comics As Rich wrote previously, Manara has a reputation for drawing women in erotic positions and in very little clothing Still, this latest line of watercolors shows women in making masks, cleaning, and in scrubs[...]
So Why Did Dan DiDio Leave DC Comics Anyway?
Right now that means Milo Manara, Dan DiDio and Zoom backgrounds Welcome all, to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. DC Zoom, Dan DiDio, Milo Manara and the 10 Most-Read Stories Yesterday. DC Zoom, Dan[...]
Milo Manara sharing new drawings. Credit:
Right now that means Milo Manara, Todd McFarlane and Zoom backgrounds Welcome all to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Milo Manara is drawing the women around him in a different light. Milo Manara, Todd[...]
Milo Manara sharing new drawings. Credit:
Milo Manara is a legendary Italian comic book artist and illustrator, with a reputation for erotics He writes and draws graphic novels, but is best known for his portrayal of the female form Much loved and admired, his work gained notoriety in the US when he was commissioned by Marvel Comics for covers and to[...]
Milo Manara and PornHub Debut Sex Card Game This Weekend at Lucca
Famous comic book writer/artist, Milo Manara famed for his sexually explicit comics appeared at Lucca Comics & Games Festival this year to debut Red Light: A Star Is Porn. A collectable card game based on the porn industry, it will be released in conjunction with Pornhub and Italian DJ Immanuel Casto's entertainment company Freak & Chic[...]
Milo Manara's Brigette Bardot, For Sale In Paris This Week
Comic book artist and illustrator, Milo Manara has painted in watercolour, 25 portraits of the French actress and model Brigitte Bardot, to be displayed and sold this week in Paris They have all be signed by Bardot as well, with a flower. Starting at 15,000 Euros each, the sale on June 12 will be followed by an auction[...]
Swipe File: Milo Manara's Spider-Woman… And Bleach
We are all very familiar I am sure, with this image by Milo Manara of Spider-Woman, a variant cover for the launch of the Marvel series… …but how close is it to the cover of Bleach Vol 17 by Tite Kubo from several years before that?  In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each[...]
Milo Manara's Signature – They Do Things Differently In Italy
This is Milo Manara, signing a book to a cosplaying fan at Lucca 2016, one of the bigger comic book conventions in the world This year they had to reduce attendees from 255,000 to just 220,000 people becase of overcrowding. Here's a photo picked up by EuroComicsUSA of another fan who received a signature at the same[...]
Milo Manara Covers Italian GQ Magazine For September
amended version. You can see the full version of the Italian comic book master Milo Manara's cover of GQ Italia for September, right here. No Spider-Women, I promise. Here's the. amended version. You can see the full version of the Italian comic book master Milo Manara's cover of GQ Italia for September, right here. No Spider-Women, I promise. [...]
Frank Cho Talks Spider-Gwen, Ultron And The Mary Sue
This week? Comics, looking at the history of the portrayal of the female form in comic books and pulp fiction, culminating with an interview with Frank. Frank has been in the news recently after drawing a series of cartoons parodying the infamous Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover Specifically The Mary Sue website was up in arms. Cho tells the[...]
Milo Manara's Cover For Alex De Campi's Last Grindhouse, From Dark Horse Comics
And for the final issue of Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out, de Campi finds herself in France, recruiting Milo Manara Who has had a little recent experience in provocative covers. The Mary Sue were given the PR and the cover in full, quoting Alex as saying, Of course, my book is a space sexploitation tale, so Manara[...]
Frank Cho Donates $1000 Sale Of Spider-Gwen Art To Domestic Violence Charity
So there was this cover sketch of Spider-Gwen in the now-famous Milo Manara Spider-Woman pose, by Frank Cho. It caused fuss. A lot of fuss. Even more than that. There you go. But Frank Cho sold that sketch cover And has now donated the proceeds to House Of Ruth Maryland, a non-profit organization that  provides services for women and their children who are[...]
No Complaints Expected For Milo Manara's 'Yellow Kid' Poster For Naples Comicon
 This poster for Naples Comicon by Milo Manara references the early character The Yellow Kid. Will anyone choose to recreate this image with cosplay?    This poster for Naples Comicon by Milo Manara references the early character The Yellow Kid. Will anyone choose to recreate this image with cosplay?    This poster for Naples Comicon by Milo Manara references[...]
G.I. Joe #6 Gets Milo Manara'd
This was the solicited "subscription variant" cover to GI Joe #6 by Dheeraj Verma, featuring the Baroness. Heavy on the butt, but nothing unusual. But on
And Finally… Milo Manara Does It Again…
When we first ran *that* Milo Manara cover to Spider-Woman under the headline "The Spider-Woman Cover That Will Launch A Thousand Headlines" we never thought we were being close-to-literal. We also pointed out how close it was to a previous image by Manara from his famous pornographic comic book, Click. The reason given for Manara putting his Marvel comic[...]
Visual Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards
Milo Manara And his Spider-Woman #1 variant cover When we saw it, we called it the cover that would launch a thousand headlines and we weren't wrong. People made parodies, tried to replicate the pose, interviewed Manara where he claimed inspiration from God , there was a bit of an online fight when folk thought Manara had[...]