Wednesday Runaround – The Monkey And The Sinner

Wednesday Runaround – The Monkey And The SinnerRadioWatch: Monday's The Infinite Monkey Cage on BBC Radio 4, a comedy/chat look a science issues with Robin Ince and friends will be featuring Alan Moore and Jonathan Ross as guests. Tickets to Friday's recording are sadly all gone…


Chris Weston, May 2007:

I hate Doctor Who – Why do I hate it…? Where do I start? Bad dialogue, bad plotting, bad acting, bad jokes and bad science. Sentimental, patronising, inconsistent and too eager to please. Some of it is so cringeworthy I actually blush while I'm watching it.

Chris Weston June 2010:

I really like Matt Smith and Karen Gillen makes me feel slightly ashamed of myself…

Wouldn't it be cool if Paul McGann was in the Pandorica!

Has anyone floated the theory that River Song is Romana yet… ? Or Captain Jack in drag?

For truly there is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents…


NobleWatch: Lots of cheap comics going at Barnes&Noble. Less a glitch, more a clear out..

InterruptedDialogueWatch: Brian Bendis interviews David Mamet about Mamet's new comic, The Trials of Roderick Spode: 'The Human Ant

And the only way one can get around location sickness is to start with a storyboard. So when you make a movie, the first thing you do is make a cartoon. You make a comic strip. You can call it a storyboard, but that's what it is, is a comic strip. And then you go out to capture on film exactly what the storyboard has.

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