Wertham's Notes Made Available To Public

Wertham's Notes Made Available To Public

Dr Fredric Wertham, pursued the comics industry over perceived dangers towards children in their titles, and successfully infantalised the medium in America for half a century. His notes on his research have recently been made available to the public.

This include Wertham's comic collection, with notations inside. Such as this 1967 Kid Colt Outlaw comic book which reads "111 pictures; 62 scenes of violence = more than half." On a 1966 issue of Justice League of America he highlights the sounds of violence like "thudd," "whapp" and "poww."

Also included are drawings of young children, of which he writes;

This case demonstrates the confusion created by comic books between fan­tasy and reality … cruelty in children's play especially directed against girls.

Don't be that guy, apparently.

.Wertham's Notes Made Available To PublicWertham's Notes Made Available To Public

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