When Superheroes Get Old

SPOILERS: In the latest issue of Justice League: Generation Lost (which, incidentally fact fans has jumped from being a $2.99 day-and-date release digital comic matching the print version, to a $1.99 digital comic instead) a time travelling Captain Atom meets the one remaining superhero four hundred years in the future… and it's a certain Power Girl. As one poster put it "She's truly hideous, she has at least 3 boils on her face."

And he has a point. Most future supers gain a degree of statesmanlike serenity as they age. Wolverine in Old Man Logan, Batman is Dark Knight Returns, Superman and Wonder Woman in Kingdom Come, if they age, they age as gracefully as possible.

The women become serene, the men become chiselled. Power Girl however? She's a crone. I can't really tell if he has a chesticular gap in her robe though.

Although it's different strokes for different folks. As one female comic writer put it in private message,  "GGGGGGGGGGGGGILF". Thanks for that, you.

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