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Wonder Woman – Bring On The Haters

Wonder Woman – Bring On The Haters

So Wonder Woman has a new costume. And a new origin. What has the response been?

Well, it's not good.

The very first comment on the DC blog was;

I sure hope you're joking.

The second was

I hope you're joking too. The leather jacket look was bad in the 90s, when it was in style. No need to revisit it now.

The third brought popcorn and the fourth went with;

THIS was the best Jim Lee could come up with??? Maybe he's too busy running things to put forth serious effort into her new look. My day just got a bit worse.

It just went downhill from there. Highlights from the currently-107 comments include;

I actually just threw up…how dare you do this. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL. I hope you lose the rights to WW. I am now done collecting comics. GOOD JOB!

You guys need to stop letting Jim Lee redesign costumes. He's already ruined Huntress', what were you thinking letting him loose on Wonder Woman?

I just showed my parents her new costume. I wish I would have taken a picture. LOL!… OMG! My parents faces hahaha

WW is supposed to be the ultimate male fantasy. Now she looks more like Elana Kagan. I give this new look one year (two tops!).

dear jim lee.
you should hang out with your also hack buddy rob liefeld. i dont care if i spelled his name right or wrong. he's a hack. like you. you should see about making another horrible comic company, but staying there this time. i would like you better for it.

that new costume SUCKS. now she looks like a biker not a superheroine. the star spangled panties always seemed out of place since she's not american but an amazon so I guess that was a good change. I just think she should look more like a WARRIOR. if you want my opinion they shouldn't add clothes, they should sudtract clothes . then again i'm just a 25 year old fan boy.

jumping the shark after what, 70 years? i think that might just be the worst and most ridiculously unnecessary costume change in comic book history, made all the worse by the ICONIC status of the character. she needs a costume change and a reinvention like batman needs to start wearing a trenchcoat or goggles.

Thank goodness for one badsoul who, almost alone, found himself posting;

I am the only one here, but I think this new costume is kinda cool!
and like 'badsoul' has said, its only temporary…so I am going to read Wonder Woman!

And this is the reaction on the official, moderated, DC blog. You can imagine how the rest of the internet reacted.

Oh, more moderately it seems. The Bendis board gave us;

I like the new costume. I didn't hate the old one but I didn't love it either. To be honest its WW and I've always just felt kinda indifferent about her.

I think the costume looks pretty decent. The new origin is kind of dumb, though.
The jacket is dumb. Other than that, looks good.
And because this is the Bendis board
With JMS writing, I assume the new origin involves Wonder Woman being connected to a totemic vagina spirit.
Comic Bloc gives us;
opted for "Love it" as I do like the costume except for the jacket. Neither "Not so much" or "Hate it" seemed to suit my feelings on it.
While I don't like it, I certainly enjoy it. It's practical, fits the tone of the story, and it's a good attempt to make something different. I'm sure that she'll return to something closer to her original costume when the story comes to a close, but I like this one
Interesting. Some of the details don't make sense to me, but I'll give it some time to grow on me.
I love it, I actually can take her seriously now and feel excited for this book now more than her in her swimsuit outfit.
Though over at the Byrne Forum it's business as usual.
Superman Returns dropped "The American Way" and now Wonder Woman doesn't have the flag.  Ugh.
Awful. I didn't expect anything better form JMS (his interview quotes and retcon history are really hard to swallow) but I would expect better from Jim Lee. Not anymore, though…
Worst superhero costume ever. Especially one worn by an iconic superhero…

Oh, for heaven's sake. Talk about taking the Wonder out of the Woman!
And with dread I wonder: who's next?

Looks like the sort of thing someone shopping at Wal-Mart could put together.

Of course who'd have thought that the biggest hater would be Mark Waid himself on Twitter? Based on certain comments by JMS on the "ossification" of Wonder Woman…

Dear big-name comics egomaniac: just ONCE can you talk about your genius in an interview without crapping on the work of your predecessors?

Gail Simone was more measured;

It's fine, everyone, interviews come off weird sometimes. I'm looking forward to the new WW stuff and the art looks fantastic.

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