Removing The Swastika From The Dark Knight Returns In Mexico


1618525_635796503123668_941152708_n On the left is the American edition of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. On the right, is the Mexican edition, published by DC Comics Mexico and Editorial Televisa.

This edition was censored mainly in the character of Bruno and her henchmen, covering with black squares the swastikas on Bruno's breasts, behind and her henchmen's armbands.

According to BLeeding Cool sources who talked to Giobany Arevalo, the Editorial Televis editor in chief, DC Comics sent the original files to the publisher already censored. However, readers weren't told of this when the book was solicited for sale.

Some years ago, Editorial Vid who previously has the licence published The Dark Knight Returns with the panels exactly as the original.

Mexico has no edict against portraying the swastika, as Germany does. Could it be they got the wrong files?


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