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AAA/Big Lucha Event In Mexico Canceled By Threat From Drug Cartel
This week was supposed to hold the Metepec Fair in Mexico State, Mexico, where the fair would be the setting of a wrestling show by AAA and Big Lucha  That never came to fruition though, as the show and the entire fair that it was to be a part of were abruptly canceled when loud[...]
Narcos: Mexico Season 3 Date Announcement Teaser Targets November
On November 5, the saga of Narcos: Mexico comes to an end with the release of the third and final season of the latest chapter in Netflix's "Narcos" franchise Set in the 90s when the globalization of the drug business truly ignites, the 10-episode third season is set to examine the war that breaks out[...]
It's been nearly six months since the second season of Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro's Narcos: Mexico premiered on Netflix, and if you've seen it then you know by now that the season finale also does a pretty strong job of also serving as a series finale Now before we go any further,[...]
So What Did Adi Granov Say About La Mole Comic Con Anyway?
Mr Ortiz also called him a "not a very smart redneck" (not a direct translation, but has been confirmed again by many Spanish speakers as correct interpretation), so there is no ambiguity about the intent of his crass and homophobic words. OK, let's rewind… I want to say that Mexico and the people we met there have[...]
La Mole Comic Con Apologises to Mark Brooks
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on a Facebook Live video from La Mole Comic Con of Mexico that ran last weekend, in which Mark Brooks, among other comic creators, were insulted over their last-minute decision not to travel to Mexico for the show, in the light of the coronavirus pandemic A number of prominent[...]
So What Did La Mole Comic Con Say to Mark Brooks Anyway?
Comic book artist and cover artist extraordinaire, Mark Brooks, was to attend La Mole Comic Con, the biggest comic con in Mexico, and one of the biggest in the Americas, this past weekend but he decided to pull out But then things went further south Yesterday he posted in a public post to Facebook, A few[...]
Netflix Subscribers Set to Pay More to Ride "The Endless Scroll"
currency will also be affected, excepting key international markets such as Mexico and Brazil. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Netflix Commercial – SNL ( "We change pricing from time to time as we continue investing in great entertainment and improving the overall Netflix experience." – Netflix (statement) While subscribers may not be thrilled with the price[...]
Hasbro Unboxing Con Star Wars Marvel Legends Reveals Collage
Unboxing Toy Con is going on right now in Mexico, and Hasbro is there not only with a booth presence, but also doing full panels and reveals Members of the Star Wars and Marvel Legends teams were on hand, and they each had new figures to show off to the crowd. They mentioned a couple weeks[...]