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Dark Knight Returns Iron Studios 1

Dark Knight Returns Gets Iconic Statue from Iron Studios

The Dark Knight Returns, arguably the best Batman story of all time — if not the best superhero comic of all time — is getting a gorgeous new statue from Iron Studios. Scheduled for release in the Summer of 2018, the statue features an iconic pose of Bruce and Carrie mid-jump into the fight somewhere […]

DC Creators Talk About The Influence Of The Dark Knight Returns

DC All-Access asked a whole slew of creators how reading The Dark Knight Returns affected them. Everyone from Dan Didio and Jim Lee to Scott Snyder and Seth Green tell of their first experience with the ground breaking series from Frank Miller. [youtube]https://youtu.be/unhgxn9dhGs[/youtube]

NYCC '15: Frank Miller Makes Surprise Visit

We just got word from our reporter Joe Glass that the legendary comic writer and artist Frank Miller made a surprise visit to the Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary panel today as a surprise guest. Miller arrived to rapturous standing ovation. With the new Dark Knight III: The Master Race coming soon and part of […]

8-Bit Batman – Classic Covers Redone As 8-Bit Gifs

For the fast approaching Batman Day, September 26th, DC has released these 8-bit gifs showcasing classic Batman Covers including Batman #1 by Bob Kane, he Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. and Batman #9 by Jack Bumley.

The Original Title For Dark Knight 3 Was Nixed By Warners?

At C2E2, DC Comics used writer Brian Azzarello to confirm the Bleeding Cool scoop from last year, a threequel to The Dark Knight Returns, DK3: The Master Race. Which, as a few people commented, sounds a little fascistic, even for The Dark Knight. I understand that the original name for the project from Frank Miller was […]

Removing The Swastika From The Dark Knight Returns In Mexico

  On the left is the American edition of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. On the right, is the Mexican edition, published by DC Comics Mexico and Editorial Televisa. This edition was censored mainly in the character of Bruno and her henchmen, covering with black squares the swastikas on Bruno's […]

Jupiter's Legacy #3 Vs The Dark Knight Returns

In today's Jupiter's Legacy, it's time for the Utopian to face up to the children. But is it Millar Time… or is it Miller Time? Well, first it's JMS time, as Utopian chooses to be "Grounded" with the common man. But then… how do you take out a Superman? Well, Miller and Millar start with […]

Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns #2 Cover Original Art Sells For $478,000

The top end of the original comic art world has gone through a series of major level-ups over the past two years. In May 2011, market watchers were stunned when a Dark Knight Returns interior splash by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson sold for $448,125. Even in that new market reality, they were stunned again […]

Carrie. Carrie Kelley. Robin – Friday Trending Topics

My favorite part of this story is BC forumer Brandon ZK Olmstead predicting it exactly, two months ago in a popular forum thread in which BC forum artists made up their own versions of what the WTF covers ought to be. So very well done, sir.  I may be asking you to lay out how Marvel […]

Dark Knight Returns' Joker To Be Played By Michael Emerson

Bad Robot repeat offender Michael Emerson has provided the voice of The Joker for the upcoming second part of the Dark Knight Returns animated adaptation. TV Guide were good enough to provide this quote from Emerson, talking about the appeal of the clown prince of crime: He's one of those great villains that an actor […]