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Beast Kingdom Unveils Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman DAF
This figure comes to us from Frank Miller's legendary DC Comics story Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman is back and ready to take down Superman, a couple of pegs standing at 8" tall and featuring 20 points of articulation Beast Kingdom loaded out this figure with plenty of detail, swappable parts, and accessories to please[...]
Frank Miller Dark Knight Cover
Today, as part of Heritage Auctions' Platinum Session, the original artwork for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book Three: Hunt The Dark Knight, by Frank Miller, is up for auction It currently has bids of $138,000 and goes under the hammer today It could well go a lot higher Even previous to the recent boom[...]
Dark Knight Returns, Out Of Print For Christmas?
That the DC Comics perennial Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, ahead of big Christmas sales, is out of stock and can't be ordered in time DC Comics sold out some time ago and seem to have no intention, right now, of bringing it back into print This is usually[...]
The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman Joins MAFEX
Coming out of the hit 1986 miniseries Batman: The Dark Knight Returns comes to the Caped Crusader himself Bruce Wayne is back and is not ready to retire just yet, even at his old age Batman is ready to put Superman in his place with his new Armored Batsuit that Medicom brings to life Standing[...]
Batman Curse Of The White Knight HC Barnes & Noble Variant Front Cover
Almost a year ago now, Barnes & Noble was getting several exclusive DC hardcovers, at least one a month, if not more, as the 2019 Christmas season was coming.  Then the pandemic shut that all down, as DC has put out one exclusive Hardcover through Barnes & Noble, Batman: Last Knight on Earth.  Now timed[...]
Rafael Grampa Batman Image Used In Hong Kong Protests, For Auction
Back in December, Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics had withdrawn a tweet using the Rafael Grampa upcoming cover of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. This came after criticism from Chinese critics that it made reference to then-current Hong Kong protests, featuring Batwoman dressed in black throwing a molotov cocktail and that the use of the[...]
Frank Miller Signed & Sketched Dark Knight #1 On Auction On Heritage
The Dark Knight Returns is one of the seminal comics in the medium, whose importance cannot be overstated So naturally, it is a highly collectible mini-series Every now and then though, a really special copy of one of these books pop up, like this one on auction right now at Heritage Auctions There is currently[...]
Dark Knight Returns Iron Studios 1
The Dark Knight Returns, arguably the best Batman story of all time — if not the best superhero comic of all time — is getting a gorgeous new statue from Iron Studios Scheduled for release in the Summer of 2018, the statue features an iconic pose of Bruce and Carrie mid-jump into the fight somewhere[...]
DC Creators Talk About The Influence Of The Dark Knight Returns
DC All-Access asked a whole slew of creators how reading The Dark Knight Returns affected them Everyone from Dan Didio and Jim Lee to Scott Snyder and Seth Green tell of their first experience with the ground breaking series from Frank Miller. [youtube]https://youtu.be/unhgxn9dhGs[/youtube] DC All-Access asked a whole slew of creators how reading The Dark Knight[...]
NYCC '15: Frank Miller Makes Surprise Visit
We just got word from our reporter Joe Glass that the legendary comic writer and artist Frank Miller made a surprise visit to the Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary panel today as a surprise guest Miller arrived to rapturous standing ovation. With the new Dark Knight III: The Master Race coming soon and part of DC's[...]
8-Bit Batman – Classic Covers Redone As 8-Bit Gifs
For the fast approaching Batman Day, September 26th, DC has released these 8-bit gifs showcasing classic Batman Covers including Batman #1 by Bob Kane, he Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Batman #9 by Jack Bumley. For the fast approaching Batman Day, September 26th, DC has released these 8-bit gifs showcasing classic[...]
The Original Title For Dark Knight 3 Was Nixed By Warners?
At C2E2, DC Comics used writer Brian Azzarello to confirm the Bleeding Cool scoop from last year, a threequel to The Dark Knight Returns, DK3: The Master Race. Which, as a few people commented, sounds a little fascistic, even for The Dark Knight. I understand that the original name for the project from Frank Miller was the longer Batman[...]
Frank Cho Recreates The Batman/Superman Fight Scene From The Dark Knight Returns
The original version of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson may end up inspiring the upcoming Batman/Superman movie from Warners. But today we have another version, a private commission from Frank Cho. I think FRank Cho prefers Batman… The original version of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson may[...]
Removing The Swastika From The Dark Knight Returns In Mexico
  On the left is the American edition of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson On the right, is the Mexican edition, published by DC Comics Mexico and Editorial Televisa. This edition was censored mainly in the character of Bruno and her henchmen, covering with black squares the swastikas on Bruno's breasts,[...]
Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns #2 Cover Original Art Sells For $478,000
In May 2011, market watchers were stunned when a Dark Knight Returns interior splash by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson sold for $448,125 Even in that new market reality, they were stunned again when Todd McFarlane's cover for Amazing Spider-Man #328 sold for $657,250 in July 2012. Which brings us to today's auction of the Dark[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics:  The Dark Knight Reprised
I wonder if we'll get a WAID YU INCREDIBLE teaser from somewhere? Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: Trailer For The Dark Knight Returns Movie Adaptation, Part One | Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors Here's the first trailer for The Dark Knight Returns Like The Hobbit, this is going to be split into two movies[...]
Vampires, Superman And The Dark Knight Returns At WonderCon
The Elite will be released on Blu-Ray, DVD and digitally on June 12, 2012. The panelists indicated that there are definitely plans in the works for features centering around individual characters other than Batman and Superman.  The next feature, however, will be The Dark Knight Returns, which is set for release in the Fall.  At the[...]
Monday Trending Topics: The Dark Knight Returns… Returns
Today we have some of the later-breaking news items from the show bubbling up to the top. Looking forward to seeing Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns animated Warner Bros Animation is on a roll. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Lots Of Art From DC's Designing The New DCU 52 Panel Some fascinating behind-the-scenes stuff here: Trending Topics Special: Who Won[...]
Sunday Runaround – The Byrne Origin Of Robin
ByrneWatch: From the boards; Since when is Robin a girl? •• Since I suggested it to Frank on a flight back from a convention in Atlanta, one year, and a wee while later he used the idea in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. PadWatch: Now the Kindle yaoi censorship spreads to heterosexual content too. ThorWatch: Pagans speak out about[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Hunt The Dark Knight
There are 10 splash pages in The Dark Knight Returns in total, do you own one of them? More interestingly, will we see it on the market soon? That's the half a million dollar question And by the way, special congrats to the collector who bought the piece at right for[...]