SCOOP: The Return Of The Elementals From Dynamite Entertainment


The Elementals was a superhero team written and drawn by Bill Willingham and published by Comicon in the mid-eighties. A dark superhero story, it was very much a precursor, in audience at least, for the success of Miracleman, Watchmen, Dark Knight, The One and more.

It ran for years,m and was the thing Willingham was best known for until the success of Fables.

The series was bought by Comico publisher Andrew Rev, who of late seemed to have disappeared, frustrating those who wanted to publish old or new Elementals comic books.

The last I heard of Rev was when he was promoting  Internet Yellow Pages in the late nineties. I put a shout out in 2007 in Lying In The Gutters and received no response.

Well, I have no idea if he has been found. But that trademark has been lying fallow. And intellectual property lawyer Michael Lovitz, who specialises in comic books and entertainment industries, has recently registered a trademark for The Elementals on behalf of Dynamite Characters, the IP company associated with Nick Barrucci and Dynamite Entertainment, for "Comic books; Comics; Graphic novels; Posters; Printed stories in illustrated form; Prints; Art prints; Graphic art prints; Lithographic prints; Printed stories in illustrated form"

So… something is up. Something is happening. Will we find out at San Diego Comic Con?




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