REVIEW: Folklords #5 — "Borrows Way Too Much From L. Frank Baum"

(Boom! Studios, creative team: Matt Kindt, Matt Smith, Chris O'Halloran, Jim Campbell)

On the good side, this issue has some well-developed team chemistry between what could be an average fifth edition party. The artwork by Smith, O'Halloran and Campbell is crisp and inviting, making this fantasy world seem real. That's all good. There's a big reveal here, however, that borrows way too much from L. Frank Baum that is both too meta for its own good (like that one bit in the Dark Tower series) and undercuts the power of the magical world created here. The fridge logic on that big plot point starts to fall apart before the bottle cap comes off, which is a deficit, but not one impossible to overcome. For now, though, that makes the issue a wash, meaning … RATING: MEH.

Folklords #5FOLKLORDS #5
Publisher : BOOM! Studios
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Matt Smith
Cover Artist: Matt Smith
Synopsis: Ansel and his motley crew converge on the Library of Banned Books, and finally come face to face with a Folklord — but are any of them ready for this encounter, and what it will mean for their entire world?

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