Riot Games Opposes Archie Comics Over Jinx Trademark

At the beginning of 2018, Bleeding Cool noted a potential trademark clash. We noted that  Li'l Jinx, created by Joe Edwards for Archie Comics in 1947 was depicted as a lovable but mischievous little girl, engaged in a comical battle of wills with her long-suffering father. And in 2012, Archie Comics decided to publish stories with a teenage version of the character. The first graphic novel, named simply Jinx, was released in April 2012 by J. Torres, Terry Austin, and Rick Burchett. A follow-up, Jinx: Little Miss Steps, was released in June 2013, continuing to chronicle the adventures of Jinx and her friends in high school.

Riot Games Oppses Archie Comics Over Jinx Trademark
Riot Games Oppses Archie Comics Over Jinx Trademark

But in 2018, Archie Comics applied to register a trademark for the word "Jinx" covering use in pretty much every possible medium. We also noted that in some cases, this seemed to compete with a trademark already being applied for by Riot Games for the word "Jinx". Jinx is a character in the Riot Games game League of Legends, and is also known as The Loose Cannon.

Jinx modifies her basic attacks by swapping between Pow-Pow, her minigun and Fishbones, her rocket launcher. Attacks with Pow-Pow grant Attack Speed, while attacks with Fishbones deal area of effect damage, gain increased range, and drain Mana.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games released in 2009. Well, this year it appears that the lawyers noticed and they want a multiplayer battle as well. So Riot Games is challenging Archie's trademark, and have asked – and been granted – an extension to file their opposition in full. That extension was granted last month to, well, right about now, actually. I will keep an eye on any relevant updates. Maybe they can suddenly decide to all be friends? You never know.


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