Rise Of The Black Panther Prequel Comic Coming From Writer Evan Narcisse In January

Did you hear that bell ringing? It means another comic book journalist has beaten the profession's final boss level and successfully become a comic book writer. io9's Evan Narcisse will be writing a new Black Panther prequel comic called Rise of the Black Panther for Marvel in January, as revealed by an EXCLUSIVE interview with… wait for it… io9!

Rise Of The Black Panther Prequel Comic Coming From Writer Evan Narcisse In January

"This is essentially the story of T'Challa's first year as king, where he makes the decision to end centuries of secrecy and let the world know about Wakanda," Narcisse revealed in the interview. "It's a choice that angers many in Wakanda and attracts the attention of the global community on Earth-616."

While Narcisse is controlling the story in the book, he's working closely with Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates to make sure the series "reflects who T'Challa is in the present day." Narcisse also teased that the book could feature giant panther mechs. No word on an artist yet, but the cover up above is drawn by Brian Stelfreeze.

Congratulations to our colleague for escaping the brutal hellscape known as comics journalism to join the mildly less brutal hellscape of comic book publishing. Now, if you wouldn't mind, could you just give us a hand climbing out of… no! Wait! Don't leave us here! NNoooooo!!!

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