Rob Liefeld and the London Film And Comic Con – The Weekend After

Last weekend, Bleeding Cool popped along to the London Film and Comic Con. Rob Liefeld was the big-name comic book creator at the show – though was officially a media guest. We previously reported on his health issues at the show – as well as issues regarding hotel room payment. Then the Comic Zone organiser and comic book/TV/movie writer Tony Lee pitched in.

But as Rob Liefeld posted about coming to the show anyway, despite feeling rather ill…

…it seems his fellow comic book creators at the show were less than sympathetic. And so decided to royally take the piss.

But the war of words continued between Tony and Rob during the final Sunday…


Other people had different takes of course. Remember our sad tuba player? Now a happy tuba player.

And even Rob had a moment…


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LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Any man of my age grew up with Mr. Lee Majors as his hero! SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN was a massive hit for the 5 seasons it aired in the late 1970's and I went full fan boy as I shared with Lee all the shenanigans I had to go through to see most episodes. The show aired on Sunday nights and my Dad, as a Baptist minister, required us to attend Sunday night services. Often I would get home with only 15 minutes left of each episode and this was before VCR'S, video tape, etc. For the important episodes like Sasquatch, Fembots, I would heat up my thermometer and tell my folks I had a temperature and I should stay home! This worked to great success and I saw many of my favorite episodes. Both Lee and his wife Faith were the extremely entertained by this story! I love that it took me going to London to finally meet this legend! Lee Majors you are THE MAN!!

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As for who called the police and why… well that may have to be a different story.

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