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Tony Lee, On Stepping Down From Showmasters' London Film And Comic Con
Tony Lee wrote; So, Bleeding Cool put the news up yesterday (I didn't realise until I found my inbox filled with a dozen creator emails this morning)… Before we get the inevitable 'were you pushed / fired / had a row / stormed out' replies, I wanted to state for the record that this was my[...]
Noel Clarke No Longer Attending London Film And Comic Con
Noel Clarke PR from London Film & Comic Con But in recent days, the LFCC has removed his name from the guest list, without any additional notice This is how their upcoming list used to look, courtesy of Google cache… Guest List screencap from London Film & Comic Con   …and this how it looks today, courtesy of a[...]
London Film and Comic Con to November, Refund Policy Announced
They are : Ernie Hudson – LFCC July 2021 TBC Henry Thomas – LFCC July 2021 Comfirmed Dee Wallace – LFCC July 2021 Confirmed Robert MacNaughten – LFCC July 2021 Confirmed David Warner – LFCC July 2021 TBC Sean Biggerstaff – London Comic Con Spring 27th & 28th Feb 2021 Confirmed 7) We also have 6 brand new guests for our November[...]
The Pony Awards at London Film And Comic Con (Video_
Changing hotels always causes admin issues. — Tony Lee @ #LFCC2019 (@mrtonylee) July 27, 2019 But as Rob Liefeld posted about coming to the show anyway, despite feeling rather ill… I am sick in bed, trying to summon the strength to make it to the show… https://t.co/Hk0JvCoLA6 — robliefeld (@robertliefeld) July 27, 2019 Please spread the word! I may faint[...]
3AM Eternal for The London Film And Comic Con, This Weekend
And then I can sleep. But before that, I promised Rich a piece about the LFCC Well, actually it was more Rich saying 'hey, the week after SDCC is always quiet so I can put something of yours up if you write it' But a piece is a piece. Hello I'm #1 New York Times Bestselling Graphic[...]
London Film and Comic Con
Regularly misinformed, moved without notice, and hidden in the venues of their shows, and when we complained we were occasionally yelled at right there, publicly, on the show floor. The previous organiser of comics areas at Showmasters burned a lot of bridges among the UK independent creator community and the professionals alike; but he's gone now. As[...]