Roberson, Tobin, Sebela, And Williamson Talk Aliens, Predator And Prometheus At Dark Horse

deacon_prometheus-sinful-celluloidOver at they chatted with the writers of the upcoming relaunch of the Aliens / Predator / Prometheus universe over at Dark Horse. Here are some of the highlights:

Chris Roberson, writer for Aliens, said they won't be doing anything directly related to Ripley and company… but the four movies are canon and nothing he does will contradict them. There will be an entirely new cast of characters and a move away from the militaristic vibe of the later movies and back to the horror tones of the original film. The four series are taking a writers room approach and having the writers collaborate.

Paul Tobin, writer of Prometheus, says the focus of the series will be on original characters as well, but the Engineers will be back. What role the Engineers will have remains to be seen. He will also be playing with the creator/creation theme set forward in the movie as well as a few other mysterious that were left open.

Chris Sebela, writer for Aliens Vs Predator, on the other hand are counting the individual movies as canon, but is ignoring the two AvP movies as he thinks they exist in their own little bubble. He is starting from a clean slate. He talks about the protagonists for the series being strong enough to carry a book on their own, that they are more than just monster fodder. And the book will be affected by the Prometheus series but he couldn't give details.

And finally Joshua Williamson writing Predators said he loves all three of the Predator movies and considers them canon. We won't be seeing any of the humans from the previous movies and the new characters created to go against the Predators are anti-heroes just trying to stay alive. Though the anti-heroes and the Predators will share time as the story protagonists.

All four titles AliensPredatorsAliens Vs Preadtors and Prometheus are scheduled to come out in 2014 from Dark Horse.

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