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REVIEW: Heist How To Steal A Planet #3 -- "Numerous Wicked Twists Of Misdirection"

REVIEW: Heist How To Steal A Planet #3 — "Numerous Wicked Twists Of Misdirection"

(Vault Comics, creative team: Paul Tobin, Arjuna Susini, Vittorio Astone, Saida Temofonte) With numerous wicked twists of misdirection, a determined forger, a highly wanted scoundrel, a discontented socialite and more misfits start a lengthy and complex plan to, well, steal an entire freaking planet. It's a clever plan, actually, and it gets a kooky spanner […]

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Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover's 'Banana Sunday' Returns with Colors by Rian Sygh

Oni Press are bringing back the all-ages comic Banana Sunday by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover with a brand-new color edition with colors by Rian Sygh. From the press release: Kirby Steinberg is having a bit of trouble fitting into her new school. Sure, there's the usual problems associated with being from "somewhere else," but this […]

Made Men #4 cover by Arjuna Susini and Gonzalo Duarte

Made Men #4: Frankenstein by Way of the Shield and Zooey Deschanel

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Made Men are under attack from a sniper, interrupting their interrogation. While this is going down, we get a history of the Frankenstein family from Jutte Frankenstein. Leo kills their police chief suspect. Jutte contacts her police officer contact/bedfellow to reach out about her cases while the rest of the Made Men […]

A Look Inside The Conclusion Of Tobin And Johnson's Bornhome

American Gothic Press has sent over a preview of the final issue in Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson's sci-fi series Bornhome. The four part series comes to an end this Wednesday as Captain Langer goes head-to-head with the Gray Man. With the epic conclusion for the battle for Bornhome, Capt. Langer comes face-to-face with the […]

A Kid-Friendly Comic: Angry Birds Comics Relaunch #1 Review

Today brings the relaunch of IDW's Angry Birds Comics, so if you haven't had enough of the game, or the previous Angry Birds comics, today is your lucky day. Angry Birds Comics #1 contains a few stories. The first one is entitled Angry Bird, and it's written by Paul Tobin, with art by Paco Rodriques, and the second one is Masterpig Theatre Presents: […]

Plants Vs. Zombies Comics To Be Collected Into A Boxed Set Next Month

In fall 2014, Dark Horse announced record sales of over 500,000 copies of Plants vs. Zombies books following multiple sold-out print runs. Now it's time for a new release! Just in time for Halloween, Dark Horse Comics and PopCap Games are releasing a spooktacular Plants vs. Zombies boxed set collecting three critically acclaimed graphic novels! […]

A Look Inside Paul Tobin And Jeff Johnson's Bornhome #1

American Gothic Press has released a seven page preview for their new series Bornhome from Paul Tobin and Jeff Johnson. The series, which is set to debut in July, is a sci-fi adventure about a pilot stranded on a foreign planet. Eton Langer is marooned on the planet Bornhome after his ship is knocked out […]

Sandy Jarrell's Process Art For King: Jungle Jim #4

Dynamite has sent over some process art for King: Jungle Jim #4 art by Sandy Jarrell and Tadd Galusha with colors by Luigi Anderson. The final issue in the miniseries hit shelves this week with a story by Paul Tobin and leads into the King Features Syndicate crossover event that includes The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, […]

Rage Of The Fox Mother – Preview The Witcher: Fox Children #3 From Dark Horse

On June 3rd, The Witcher: Fox Children #3 will arrive, written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Joe Querio. They're continuing with some fabulous artwork and creepy tales that really celebrate the reasons why The Witcher has become such a popular video game which is story and world as much as gameplay. Dark Horse describe […]

Famous Monsters Returns To Comics With Gunsuits

Famous Monsters, the long-running entertainment fan magazine, is returning to the comic world with a new series called Gunsuit. The publisher has a long history with comics having shared the Warren imprint in the 60s and 70s for the cult classic Creepy and Eerie and of course was the first home for FM Editor Forrest […]

Preview Gunsuits By Paul Tobin And PJ Holden From American Gothic Press

From American Gothic Press comes Gunsuits, a comic adapted from the short story Wormholes. The series, which will run monthly for four issues, will be written by Paul Tobin, with art by PJ Holden (Judge Dredd, Numbercruncher.) Gunsuits follows main character Cassandra "Potts" Potter as she battles gigantic, scaly bio-weapons while simultaneously searching every available […]

Paul Tobin Addressing The "Asian Elephant" In The Room With King: Jungle Jim

Gail Simone, writer of Red Sonja #15, talks with writer Paul Tobin about KING: Jungle Jim #2, both on sale now. Covers by Chip Zdarsky and Wilfredo Torres. GAIL SIMONE: Let's deal with the Asian elephant in the room. The white savior jungle story is full of elements that are really problematic today, significant problems […]

Dark Horse To Release New Plants Vs. Zombies Ongoing Mini-Series

I remember when Plants vs. Zombies, the game, first came out years ago. Mostly because I was incredibly addicted and couldn't stop playing. Since then, the franchise has grown to a massive level, branching out to more apps, video games, toys, and comics. There are multiple collections of Plants Vs. Zombies books out already, including: […]