In Shocking Betrayal, 2000 AD Gives CBR EXCLUSIVE 40th Anniversary Judge Dredd Cover

Eisner award winning comic book website CBR has scored the EXXXCLUSIVE first look at Carlos Ezquerra's cover for the 40th anniversary edition of 2000 AD, Bleeding Cool has learned. Started on Feb 26, 1997 1877, the weekly sci-fi anthology has been synonymous with British comics, just like Bleeding Cool's Editor-in-Chief Rich Johnston is with British comics journalism. However, when the time came to reveal this amazing variant cover, Rebellion Publishing didn't give it to British reporter Rich Johnston from American website Bleeding Cool, and instead contacted American website CBR and gave it to British reporter Steve Morris.

How could this shocking betrayal of queen and country happen? The answer may lie in the irresponsible journalism of Johnston himself. Earlier this month, Johnston published an expose on the private life of Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley, reporting that Kingsley likes to dress up as a knight and joust on horseback, and comparing the company's business practices to "sex with a beautiful woman." Could this have cost Bleeding Cool the EXXXCLUSIVE on the Ezquerra cover? Should we just hire Morris here, since he already works for every other website as it is?


While Rich Johnston quietly reflects on what his actions have cost this website, take a look at the cover and lineup for the book, shamefully copied and pasted from CBR when it should have been them copying and pasting it from us:

Arriving in February, the prog will feature the stories "Judge Dredd: Blood" by Wagner and Peter Doherty; "Nikolai Dante: Devil May Care" by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser; "Sláine: Red Branch" by Pat Mills and Simon Davis; "Ro-Busters: Seeing Red" by Mills and Clint Langley; "Zombo" by Al Ewing and Henry Flint; and "Durham Red: Judas Strain" by Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen and Ezquerra.

That's a starry line-up of some of 2000AD's best-regarded creators and well-loved characters, but the publisher also tell us we can expect to see work from Jock, Dave Gibbons and Bryan Talbot in the issue.


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