Sinister Ducks Under The Sea: Donald Duck 19

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IDW's Disney line has been nothing but great. The majority of the stories are translated from other countries, and span from the golden age into the modern age. In Donald Duck #19 the focus is on a story published in Italy in 1972, called "Kingdom Under The Sea". Donald is on some kind of deep diving fishing quest, but almost every body of water is overrun with tourists! Donald is determined to find a spot, and he does inside the Paradox Rocks. His nephews (always the adorable voice of reason) tell him it's a bad idea…but Donald is stubborn. Of course the area is empty of tourists, and there are fish for Donald to catch…and something sinister to catch Donald in return (ok, it's not sinister as it is cute). It's up to his nephews to save the day, but can they overcome their fear of the Paradox Rocks?


Rodolfo Cimino
lays out a fleshed out story for all ages. Donald seems mostly well spoken, which I'm not used to since American comics usually throw in his more colorful language. This could just be a translation gaff, but it's still weird to see Donald so well spoken. His normal short temper isn't here either, which is a trend I've noticed with a lot of the older Italian stories. Giorgio Cavazzano is a regular Italian duck artist from the silver age, and he knows his ducks. The images are simplistic but not in a bad way. Cavazzano keep's your attention on the characters and doesn't go too deep with the background noise. The Italian Disney comics are fantastic in this sense. They focus on the characters without much background noise. If you're not into classic Disney this is probably a hard pass for you, but for any Disney nerd interested in reading stories from other countries, you should add this title to your pull list.


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