Snickers Begins a New Comic Book Epic in Today's DC Titles

Once upon a time, Mars used to ruin DC Comics by running half-page Twix ads below the curtailed pages of the DC titles they advertised in, and creators had to work around them. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo took the piss out of them.

Then they started running longer ads inside the pages for Snickers, using DC characters and getting the likes of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado to draw them. And dropped them in the middle of comics already using those characters, making the reading process more confusing than usual. They followed the televisual pattern of having someone famous performing a task they were inappropriate for, until it was revealed that it was just someone who was hungry without a Snickers, and they would soon be back to normal. And so Wonder Woman was acting like Doomsday.

Recently they continued those ideas on the inside pages of DC Comics, with superheroes summoned to deal with a supervillain problem, only for it to be revealed that it was just a normal person who hadn't had their Snickers. But was happy to ruin the opening of Batman #50, say.

Today, however, we have a twist. In all DC Comics today on the inside page, hunger is no longer transforming people completely into something else, just making them grumpier. This added note of 'realism' seems to have one purpose.

Snickers Begins a New Comic Book Epic in Today's DC Titles

So as not to complete resolve the comedic situation, make them a bit more like the Hostess cupcake ads that used to baffle me, and give this add license to… continue. That's a proper cliffhanger. What does Gorilla Grodd mean? What could be coming? Will it tie into Heroes In Crisis? Is that what superheroes suffering from PTSD just need? A Snickers bar?

But yes, it looks like we'll actually be getting an ongoing story out of these Snickers ads.

I say, story, but, you know…


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