Space Pirate Queen Manga, And Friends, Come To The USA

queen_emeraldas-186164At Otakon today, Kodansha Comics took the opportunity to announce three new titles from the publisher from next year.

They kicked off with Queen Emeraldas, a space opera manga by Leiji Matsumoto serialised in Weekly Shonen in the seventies but never translated to English – officially at least. It did however inspire an anime in the nineties which was partially released in the US, about a spaceship stowaway who faces space pirate queens…


Kodansha will be publishing the comic in two hardcover volumes, over 800 pages in total, with the first volume hitting in July 2016.

Next up is Yui Sakuma's Complex Age, an award-winning manga about a cosplayer growing into an adult and keeping her secret double life a secret, to be published in paperbacks from June 2016.


And finally Nao Emoto's Forget Me Not based on a Taiwanese novel about a man who vaguely remembers a woman he knew who rescued him after an traffic accident – but now can't remember who. The series will begin in Marc 2016.

Hat tip to Anme News Network…

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