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How Marvel Comics First Overtook DC Comics In 1972
Though Scholastic, Penguin Random House, Viz Media and Kodansha have pushed them both down the list in recent years. Today, the best-selling publisher of comic books in America is Scholastic The second is Random House But in the last half of 1972, that was suddenly Marvel Comics for the first time One of the earliest[...]
Kodansha previews two new manga series, Wandance and Blackguard in their Free COmic Book Day volume in May, as well as everything Kodansha and Vertical has for March 2022 solicits and solicitations, below. FCBD 2022 WANDANCE & BLACKGUARD SAMPLER KODANSHA COMICS JAN220008 (W) Coffee, Ryo Hanada (A) Coffee, Ryo Hanada Exclusive previews of two new Kodansha manga[...]
Kodansha To Publish Akira: Art Of Wall In June 2022
Akira: Art Of Wall is a new collection from Kodansha coming out in June 2022 In 2017, Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo worked with artist Kosuke Kawamura to cover a Tokyo city block in a collage of comic book pages from Akira, then did the same again over two more buildings over the next two years[...]
Kodansha is the largest Japanese publishing company and produces the manga magazines Nakayoshi, Afternoon, Evening, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, and Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, as well as more literary magazines Gunzō, Shūkan Gendai, and the Japanese dictionary Nihongo Daijiten Kodansha USA translated many of these serialised titles for the North American market, from both Kodansha Comics and[...]
Humble Manga Bundle to Benefit Book and Comic Sellers in Need
The Humble Manga Bundle: Isekai by Kodansha is available now through August 26, 2021, on Humble Bundle and features over $840 worth of Isekai manga ebooks, including popular titles like The Hero Life of a (Self-Proclaimed) "Mediocre" Demon!, Am I Actually the Strongest?, Shangri-La Frontier, I'm Standing on a Million Lives and many more. "Humble Manga[...]
In Superman vs. Meshi, the Man of Steel proves once and for all why he's better than Batman
In a new manga co-published by DC Comics and Kodansha, Superman will do what Batman is afraid to: eat out The concept of Superman vs Meshi is simple: Superman flies around Japan trying food from different restaurants and critiquing it The story will be serialized in Kodansha's Evening magazine on June 22nd, and will be[...]
The Drops of God: Epic Wine Manga Series Now Complete in English
34" cover art, Kodansha It's time to pop open a bottle of your favorite red or white because comiXology Originals and Kodansha are releasing the final eleven volumes of the international bestseller The Drops of God This marks the first time that the forty-four-volume manga series is available in its entirety in English Volumes 34-44 join[...]
Viz Media releases December 2020 Titles
Ben Applegate is the Director of Publishing Services at Penguin Random House in New York, where he heads a team of editorial and production professionals dedicated to publishing new manga and maintaining the backlist of their client, Kodansha USA Publishing, one of the world's top-selling English-language graphic novels publishers and a subsidiary of Kodansha, Ltd.,[...]
Bleeding Cool's Comic Book and Graphic Novel JobWatch
You will dig in to overcome obstacles evangelizing your project to get cross-team buy in. Manga Editor – Kodansha Penguin Random House LLC, New York, NY Penguin Random House Publisher Services is seeking an editor or senior editor to oversee manga titles on behalf of our client, Kodansha Since it began publishing in 2009, the Kodansha Comics imprint[...]
Attack on Titan: Manga in the final 1% to 2% of Ending
1 cover art, Kodansha Attack on Titan is the manga world's Game of Thrones Both are dark, epic fantasies about warring kingdoms and besieged heroes facing impossible odds Both have bleak, violent plots where no one is safe; a fan favourite character could easily get killed off suddenly Both have warring kingdoms and political factions ruthlessly[...]
Kodansha Launches Humble Manga Bundle: Spring 2021 Anime Season
Today, Kodansha and Humble Bundle launched the Humble Manga Bundle: Spring 2021 Anime Season on Humble Bundle through April 29, 2021 While waiting for new episodes to air this Spring, anime fans can enjoy up to a whopping $930 worth of epic manga ebooks such as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Vol[...]
Kodansha Announces New Fall 2021 Manga Titles
Kodansha announced their slate of manga titles coming in Fall 2021 on their Kodansha Live on Wednesday The new titles and artwork are listed below. "When Will Ayumu Make His Move?" key art, Kodansha When Will Ayumu Make His Move? By Soichiro Yamamoto Cover Price: $12.99 The new will they-won't they romance from the creator of Teasing Master Takagi-san is here! Ayumu is[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins Spinoff Manga Debuts Digital Chapters
Kodansha announced that the spinoff of the hit manga series The Seven Deadly Sins will be getting a simultaneous digital release of its serialized chapters at the same time as Japan The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse from master mangaka Nakaba Suzuki launched on Wednesday with new chapters released weekly same-day-as-Japan[...]
Kodansha Announces 4 New Digital Manga Titles for April 2021
Kodansha released details for 4 new manga titles they will release digitally in April these new digital debuts, as well as returning favorites, will be available upon release across all our participating digital vendors, including Bookwalker, ComiXology, Google Play, Kindle, Nook, and izneo. Kodansha April 2021 key art Girlfriend, Girlfriend By Hiroyuki "Girlfriend, Girlfriend" Vol[...]
Attack on Titan: Manga in the final 1% to 2% of Ending
1 cover art, Kodansha Anime News Network found the Nishi Nippon Shimbun report, where Isayama spoke at the unveiling of the statues of the manga's main characters at his hometown Ōyamamachi's Ōyama Dam He added that he has been arranging the pieces of the finale like the endgame of a shōgi (Japanese chess) game The dark,[...]