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Feeling Blue? Francavilla Clearly Is As We Review The Spirit In The Corpse-Makers #2


Denny Colt has always been a good guy. From his earliest newspaper strips from Will Eisner, to that Frank Miller movie, and to this. His fundamental personality doesn't change. In this newest installment from Francesco Francavilla, our hero is still trying to figure out why homeless people are winding up dead, and why their bodies go missing. For the Spirit it's only made more personal when his driver gets tangled up into this mess.


The story is straight forward, but I was bored in this issue. The pacing is slow, and frankly I think this should have been released as a graphic novel instead of a mini series.

On the bright side there is a good amount of action. I think one of my current favorite pieces of modern comic art is when the Spirit crashes in through the window to fight the stories antagonists. It' dramatic, it's cool, and it reminds me of Batman.

The art is classic Francavilla, and the best thing of the story. Strong lines, shadows, and detail on certain spots. His use of color is brilliant and is the main draw to this book. They set the mood and made me feel like this was any other rainy, October evening.


In the scenes you see in this article, the use of blue is used well. There's different hues of blue, but one thing stands out. The Spirits red tie. It's used to keep him apart from the bad guys. It draws your eyes in right to the middle of the action, which is where the Spirit usually is, then pulls you through the panels.

I'll keep reading the story since I feel it would be the right thing to do as a Spirit fan, but I hope the story picks up.

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