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The Horror of Reed Crandall's Doll Man #42 Cover, at Auction
Doll Man was created by Will Eisner as a Golden Age superhero and the first depiction of such a character with shrinking powers before The Atom and Ant-Man by a couple of decades He first appeared in Feature Comics #27 in 1939, published by Quality Comics, and also introduced his female companion Doll Girl He[...]
National Comics #1 (Quality, 1940) featuring Uncle Sam.
But such origin stories changed with the times.  Fifteen years later, a completely different explanation of the name made the rounds, and these were certainly not the only theories.  It's unlikely that the 1830 era version of the matter is correct — even though it has largely come to be the accepted history in recent[...]
Fight Comics #3 (Fiction House, 1940), Fight Comics #12 (Fiction House, 1941) featuring Power Man.
Rip Regan, Power Man was one of the early superhero characters to appear from Fiction House, and his debut in Fight Comics #3 also features a classic cover by the legendary Will Eisner Eisner's cover for the issue is unusual for the title, and some have speculated it was originally meant for Planet Comics This[...]
The Spirit #22 (Quality, 1950)
Considered one of the most historically important bodies of work in American comic book history, The Spirit was created by Will Eisner as a masked adventurer whose exploits ranged from detective stories and drama to horror, romance, and even comedy.  The character debuted as a feature in the tabloid-sized newspaper insert (subsequently popularly called "Spirit[...]
National Comics #3 (Quality, 1940)
But such origin stories changed with the times.  Fifteen years later, a completely different explanation of the name made the rounds, and these were certainly not the only theories.  It's unlikely that the 1830 era version of the matter is correct — even though it has largely come to be the accepted history in recent[...]
When Will Eisner Foresaw What Comic Book Stores Could Be... In 1972
Over the weekend, one of the earliest comic book retailers and comic historian Bob Beerbohm took time out to remember the passing of Ann Eisner last year, best known to comic book people as the wife of Will Eisner, who died almost 17 years ago And he also recalled meeting Will Eisner at the Biltmore Hotel[...]
Complete 7 Page Will Eisner Spirit Story Original Artwork From 1949 Auctioned
It's Will Eisner Spirit time at the 2021 June 17 – 19 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction #7244 auction from Heritage, which may be their most significant comic book auction to date with some insanely valuable, desirable, and influential examples of original comic book artwork Including a complete seven-page Will Eisner The Spirit story from[...]
The cover of PS Artbooks Softee Planet Comics.
Writers and artists included are Charles Sultan, Arthur Peddy, Bob Powell, Alex Blum, Henry Kiefer, Will Eisner, Don Rico, Nick Cardy, Gene Fawcette, and Charles Quinlan You'll have loads of intergalactic fun with this volume, without having to break the bank You can order your copy through your local comic book shop Books are expected[...]
While each story is enchantingly engrossing, I admit I did come out with a few favorites. "The Hawk" by Will Eisner (going under the pen name Willis Rensie) is a great way to start this book Originally printed in Jumbo Comics #102 in August of 1947, we open with a damsel in distress The artwork is[...]
Clover Press Bags Will Eisner's The Spirit License For 2020, With New Format
The other day I noticed that Dynamite had pulled all their Will Eisner's The Spirit comic books from digital service ComiXology I meant to look into that and now events have caught up with me Because in February 2020, Clover Press is to publish Will Eisner's The Spirit comics with a new format and look. Clover[...]
The Green Hornet
Will Eisner has been in the news quite a bit lately as we fast approach what would've been his 100th birthday His character, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle is getting a new series with Dynamite, already the home of his best known character, The Spirit Currently, The Spirit is appearing in a crossover mini-series with[...]
Deconstructing The Jungle Queen Trope As Sheena Returns To Comics
The work of Will Eisner is still celebrated today and the main character is published, but that part of the history is pushed aside. Another trope from that era was the idea of the scantily clad white woman ruling over an African tribe Similar to Edgar Rice Burroughs' tale of Tarzan, except the very first Jungle[...]
Jack Kirby
This year, San Diego Comic-Con is honoring the lives and careers of Jack Kirby and Will Eisner — legendary comics creators who were both born in 1917 Humble Bundle is joining in on the celebration with a new bundle featuring classic comics, epic collections, and fascinating history from Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics, TwoMorrows[...]
Detective Comics Inc. v Bruns Publications Inc, the Superman vs Wonderman lawsuit.
v Bruns Publications Inc, the Superman vs Wonderman lawsuit. The contents of the transcript were considered controversial due to the fact that the record of Will Eisner's testimony contradicts his later accounts of that moment This has been widely discussed over the years, but for me, DC v Bruns is so much more than that[...]
Feeling Blue? Francavilla Clearly Is As We Review The Spirit In The Corpse-Makers #2
From his earliest newspaper strips from Will Eisner, to that Frank Miller movie, and to this His fundamental personality doesn't change In this newest installment from Francesco Francavilla, our hero is still trying to figure out why homeless people are winding up dead, and why their bodies go missing For the Spirit it's only made[...]
Francesco Francavilla Signs On To Write And Draw Will Eisner's The Spirit
Francesco Francavilla, creator of the Black Beetle, has signed on to write and draw a new series for Dynamite featuring Will Eisner's iconic maksed man in The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers This follows Matt Wagner's 12-issue run on the character and will kick off in 2017. A series of unexpected disappearances and deaths hit Central City Initially[...]
The Will Eisner 75th Anniversary Exhibit Showcases The Comics Great
Indeed, it is this very voluntary cooperation, so unique to comics, that underlies the contract between artist and audience." ― Will Eisner, Comics and Sequential Art Few can debate the long-established influence Will Eisner had and continues to have on American comics and comic books, with a career starting back in the 1930's and continuing through his graphic novel[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview Of Will Eisner's The Spirit #8
We have an exclusive extended preview for Will Eisner's The Spirit which hits comic shops tomorrow from Dynamite The series, written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Dan Schkade, has been doing a good job of keeping the feel of Eisner's work while telling engaging and fun stories. Will Eisner's The Spirit #8 writer: Matt Wagner artist: Dan[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview For Will Eisner's The Spirit #6
Will Eisner's The Spirit #6, which I did an advanced review on, is a great jumping on point for the series by Matt Wagner, Dan Schkade and Brennan Wagner. Will Eisner's The Spirit #6 writer: Matt Wagner artist: Dan Schkade, Brennan Wagner cover: Eric Powell Once again, the narrative shifts to an unexpected locale as an ex-GI finds[...]
The Lost Teenage Work Of Will Eisner, Now On Kickstarter From Locust Moon
Eisner & Iger Studios — the partnership between the very young Jerry Iger and Will Eisner to distribute and publish their many fledgling comic books, strips, and magazines — was one of Empire Features' many customers. One day shortly after becoming aware of this connection, Getsinger was looking at a reverse-printed HARRY KARRY plate and it[...]
Dan Schkade's Process Art For Will Eisner's The Spirit #4
Here we have a look at some of the process art for Will Eisner's The Spirit #4 by artist Dan Schkade and colorist Brennan Wagner It's based on a script by Matt Wagner. Ebony and Sammy's trail to discover what has become of their heroic friend leads them next to the infamous P'Gell The sultry femme[...]
The Spirit Hits Baltimore Comic-Con For 75th Anniversary
Kevin Pearl, who works in Sales and Marketing for Dynamite sent us the following report from Baltimore Comic Con: The 75th anniversary of Will Eisner's The Spirit continued over the weekend at Baltimore Comic-Con and The Harvey Awards where Dynamite Entertainment closed out the Diamond Retailer Summit with a celebration at The Geppi's Entertainment Museum where[...]
First Look At Dan Schake's Cover For Will Eisner's The Spirit #3
Here we have an exclusive first look at Dan Schake's Cover to Will Eisner's The Spirit #3 The cover has colors by Brennan Wagner and is a variant to the regular Eric Powell offered one. The narrative scene shifts to the South Seas as a native fisherman struggles to provide for his family…and ends up snaring[...]
Dynamite To Cross Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle With Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle
Sheena will see her first adventure at the publisher in a crossover with Tarzan. Sheena, Queen of the Jungle was created by industry legends Will Eisner and S M "Jerry" Iger, and debuted in the UK publication Wags #1 in 1937 (reprinted a year later in the United States in the pages of Jumbo Comics #1) She[...]
John Cassaday's Cover For Will Eisner's The Spirit #1
In stores today is Will Eisner's The Spirit #1 from Dynamite Entertainment The new series is written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Dan Schkade and has a slew of covers Here we take a closer look at the one done by fan favorite artist John Cassaday We see how Cassaday pays homage to Eisner by[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews For Will Eisner's The Spirit #1 And More
We have three exclusive extended previews for Dynamite titles coming out this week which include: Will Eisner's The Spirit #1, Swords of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler #1 and Uncanny Season 2 #4. WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT #1 Matt Wagner (w) Dan Schkade (a) Eric Powell, Matt Wagner w/ Brennan Wagner (c) In celebration of the 75th anniversary[...]
Dan Schkade's Process Art For Will Eisner's The Spirit #1
Coming out July 1st from Dynamite will be Will Eisner's The Spirit #1 and we have a few pages of process art to show you with art by Dan Schkade and colors by Brennan Wagner The series is being written by Matt Wagner. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Will Eisner's iconic and ground-breaking character, Dynamite Entertainment[...]
Jenny Frison Covers Will Eisner's The Spirit For ComiXology
Artist Jenny Frison was asked to do an exclusive cover for ComiXology's SDCC exclusive Will Eisner's The Spirit Here we get to see the different roughs she came up with before choosing a final version and making an awesome cover Interesting to see she had almost everything already in mind just changed how much of[...]