Spotlight On Frank Cho At WonderCon

frank-cho-liberty-meadows-coversJoshua Stone writes;

Frank Cho self moderated his spotlight and really just let the audience ask questions the whole time.

The first question was whether Cho had any dream projects. He said he would really like to work on Conan, and he has heard that Dark Horse would love to have him, but he said it won't happen since that don't pay well at all.

While answering questions, Cho was working on some commissions he had to get done so he could show the audience his drawing techniques. He then announced that he was going to be officially announcing in September a Kickstarter campaign for Liberty Meadows.

Cho then brought up a big secret project that he would start work on after Savage Wolverine was complete. He said he would be working with Brian Michael Bendis, and that Marvel would make the announcement next month. Later on, while he was focused on his drawing I tried to catch him, I asked him what the title was again that he was going to be working on with Bendis. He said, "Trying to use the Jedi Mind Trick on me?' He said it will be very big, and I asked if title would contain the letter X, and he said "Perhaps."

Cho showed a splash page from the issue four of Savage Wolverine, with Wolverine fighting Hulk. The drawing had Wolverine popping one set of claws through the top of Hulk's head and the other set through the side of the head. Cho talked about Joe Madureira taking over Savage Wolverine with issue six, and it would feature Wolverine and Electra fighting Ninjas.

Cho said he is currently working on providing illustrations for a novel that Bill Willingham is writing. Cho said that the art is going to be in the Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein style.

He also said that next month, he would have a Kickstarter campaign for a book on how to draw woman. He said it would be step by step instructions and would answer all the questions he is always asked. He said the big announcement would come in four weeks, and that he is going film the Kickstarter video next week. He did share that the secret to drawing women is the boobs and the butts, and "anyone who says different is full of shit."

An audience member then asked Cho if there were any inkers he would like to work with. Cho responded, "I don't need to work with tracers." This brought a large laugh from the crowd.

I asked about how he still had the rights to Liberty Meadows, as I understood that the syndicates usually got ownership when they signed new cartoons up for publication. He said they own share of Liberty Meadows till he is 49, but they have no say in what he does with it.

Cho was then asked about working for DC, and he said after he completed his run on Mighty Avengers he was all ready to go to DC with a script for a Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman story. He said, however, that DC "lowballed him like he was fresh from high school."

He was asked again about dream projects, and said that his ultimate dream would be to work on Princess of Mars, however there would be rights issues with Disney. I asked what would the right's issue be since Disney own Princess of Mars and Marvel? He said the issue would be he would want to do the book on his own terms, without any interference, and since he would draw the characters nude as they were in the books, he knows Disney would not allow it to happen.

Cho then shared that the Savage Wolverine storyline that is currently running, was originally done by him as an Indiana Jones story.

Cho was asked what writers he would like to work with. He said Joss Whedon because Joss has a sense of humor. He also said Neil Gaiman, because he would like to do some horror stuff with him. Cho said his first choice used to be Frank Miller, but he wouldn't want to anymore because Miller is "kind of crazy."

Cho lastly shared that issue five of Savage Wolverine would introduce the coming of a second Galactus. He wouldn't get into anymore detail, because he said with what he has already said he knew he was going to be hear from Marvel's lawyers.

Overall the panel was very enjoyable, Cho did good job keeping things moving and sharing somethings that he hadn't plan to share. I imagine next time there is a spotlight on Frank Cho at a convention, Marvel will send someone to moderate/baby-sit him.

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