Star Wars #107, The Final Marvel Comics Issue From 1986, On Auction

Star Wars #107 was the final issue of the original run of Marvel Comics-based on the space opera. Long known to be the hardest issue of the run to get, it features what I can only describe as the worst Star Wars cover of all time. By this time, the print run on the book was nothing, and the distribution of this issue was bad.  The property had run its course as a comic book — for the time. This copy, a CGC 9.6, is taking bids right now at Heritage Auctions. It is a desirable issue for fans, and it should climb up a bit at $160 as of this writing. Check it out below.

Star Wars #107, The Final Marvel Comics Issue From 1986, On Auction
Credit Heritage Auctions

The End of a Star Wars Era

"Star Wars #107 (Marvel, 1986) CGC NM+ 9.6 White pages. Last issue of the title. Admiral Ackbar, Nien Nunb, Lumiya, Knife, Dani, and Fenn Shysa appearances. Overstreet notes "low distribution" of this issue. Cynthia Martin cover. Martin and Whilce Portacio art. Overstreet 2021 NM- 9.2 value = $95. CGC census 12/21: 269 in 9.6, 111 higher."  This issue was also long a fan favorite for featuring early work from then-future Image star Whilce Portacio. That said, the cover is fascinatingly weird. What is going on with Chewy? Why is he groomed? What is that beetle thing on the side or the weird alien rabbits? Who is that droid in the front cause it is not R2-D2? Why are they standing in space? Who let Lando smoke? The best part is that they seem to have not invited C-3PO to this Star Wars photoshoot, which is awesome because he sucks and is the most annoying Star Wars character of all time.

This one is rare and harder to get. So, I can see a Star Wars fan betting on a really nice copy like this to add to their collection. If you think you are said fan, go here and get more info and place a bid. While you are there, go ahead and click around at the other items taking bids.

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