Star Wars: Captain Phasma #1 Review: Ruthless, Conniving, And Deserves More Screen Time

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Captain Phasma Cover Art by Paul Renaud
Captain Phasma Cover

I've been really excited for this one.

Ever since she was first shown in trailers for The Force Awakens, I've been so hyped for the character of Captain Phasma. I wanted to know more about her. Then, like Boba Fett before her, she had very little screen time and few lines.

However, also like Boba Fett, I dearly hoped that she would get some more air time in the extra-film material. With this mini-series being announced, my hope was rewarded.

Also, Gwendoline Christie is awesome; Brianne of Tarth forever.

Captain Phasma #1 starts immediately after she escapes the trash compactor from Force Awakens. She knows two things: she has to escape the Starkiller Base, and no one can ever know that she gave Finn and Han Solo access to the shield controls for the base.

Luckily, another First Order officer had accessed the same systems shortly after her betrayal…

Captain Phasma is a ruthless and brutal soldier intent on maintaining her survival and her honor, and I freaking love her. She is a stone-cold badass.

This comic puts these qualities on full display. She calmly walks through the quickly disintegrating base as other stormtroopers die in droves around her. The second she sees an out in the other First Order officer, named Rivas, she relentlessly pursues him with no other intent beyond killing him.

She knows the kind of power she serves, and she knows that her allowance of the Resistance to shut down the Starkiller shields would never be tolerated. She will survive and thrive in this establishment no matter the cost. She is driven and awesome for it.

Interior art of Captain Phasma by Marco Checchetto
Captain Phasma Art

The comic is excellently paced and maintains a constant forward motion that drags you forward from page to page. It's exciting and enthralling in a way that few comics are capable of accomplishing. Writer Kelly Thompson knocks it out of the freaking galaxy with this one.

Just as impressive is the art of Marco Checchetto. Every panel is awe-inspiring and gorgeous, with a style that captures the ethereal atmosphere of the Star Wars setting, as well as the visceral danger in which our brutal protagonist finds herself.

The color of Andres Mossa is equally brilliant. Every panel is saturated with bright and eye-catching color. It constantly reminds you this is a Star Wars comic, and Star Wars means dazzling color and high-sci-fi aesthetics.

Buy this comic. I try to stay scarce with my 10s, but this one earned itself one. This is easily one of the best mainstream comics on the stands, and it impressed me at every turn. Pick this one up the second you see it.

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