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Ultimate Spider-Man #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto hit with a bang The second printing even made it into Bleeding Cool's Weekly Bestseller List, the first time such a thing has happened The remaking of Peter Parker's life, only getting the spider bite as a middle-aged man, and an active choice rather than circumstance,[...]
With Great Power Comes... No Responsibility? Ultimate Spider-Man #1
Today sees the official launch of Ultimate Spider-Man #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto You may have treated yourself to certain spoilers yesterday, but there is plenty more going on of note So, yes, ore spoilers, obviously. So, yes, we have the very much alive  Uncle Ben Parker, Managing Editor of the Daily Bugle, working[...]
Auto Draft
But, you know, we are getting Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto on Ultimate Spider-Man in 2024 Which is pretty much a big draw. A thirty-something Peter Parker who only becomes Spider-Man after he's settled down with Mary Jane Watson, and had a couple of kids a whole different power fantasy for a new generation with stellar[...]
Jonathan Hickman & Marco Checchetto's Ultimate Spider-Man For 2024
But I wouldn't rule it out." And now, Marvel Comics has confirmed that, from January 2024, Jonathan Hickman will be writing Ultimate Spider-Man drawn by Marco Checchetto Tweeting "Jonathan Hickman's Ultimate Invasion limited series spawns an entire new Ultimate Universe, complete with a new 'Ultimate Spider-Man' by Hickman and Marco @MChecC! Get more details next month[...]
Daredevil Born Again In Marvel Finale
Daredevil #14 by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto came to its conclusion yesterday The Red Fist Saga had seen Elektra hunted for the murder of President Joe Biden, and Matt Murdock literally go to hell to rescue him – and Foggy Nelson along the way And at the end of the previous issue, condemned himself[...]
Thank FOC It's The 16th of July, 2022
Her bloody journey to freedom starts in this breathtaking, groundbreaking FIRST ISSUE." Amazing Fantasy #1000 hits FOC from Marvel Comics by Armando Iannucci, Anthony Falcone, Dan Slott, Ho Che Anderson, Jonathan Hickman, Kurt Busiek, Michael Cho, Neil Gaiman, Rainbow Rowell, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jim Cheung, Marco Checchetto, Olivier Coipel, Ryan Stegman, Steve McNiven, Terry Dodson, Todd Nauck,[...]
Amazing Fantasy #1000 Adds Steve McNiven, Removes Armando Iannucci?
But have now added artists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marco Checchetto, Ryan Stegman, Steve McNiven, Terry Dodson and Todd Nauck. But British TV comedy chief Armando Iannucci, of On The Hour, The Day Today, Alan Partridge, Armistice, Armando Iannucci Shows, Gash, Time Trumpet, Veep and Avenue 5 is no longer listed Bleeding Cool has now confirmed that this[...]
Marvel Comics Says Goodbye To Conan Today (Mostly)
DeKnight, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Ron Garney, Richard Isanove, Andrea Di Vito, Scott Hanna, Roberto de La Torre, Gerardo Zatfino, Steve McNiven, Pete Woods,Alan Davis, Cam Smith, Aneke, Luke Ross, Nolan Woodard, Andy Troy, Kate Niemczyk, Jesus Saiz, Patch Zircher, Java Tartaglia, Marco Checchetto, David Finch, Paul Davidson, Cory Smith, Roberto Poggi, Roge Antonio, Israel[...]
Marco Checchetto's Life Zero in Ablaze February 2022 Solicitations
Ablaze is first out of the gate with their February 2022 solicitations and soliicts this month, including the launch of Marco Checchetto's Life Zero in their February 2022 solicitations Best known for his work on Daredevil, inclusing the current Devil's Reign event, March Checchetto is joined by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Landini, and Fritz Casas for[...]
Devil's Reign #1
Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto's Devil's Reign #1 kicks off the new Daredevil event at Marvel Comics, which may end up with the comic book Daredevil even changing its name But Bleeding Cool has got a first look inside those first few pages… and it begins with Wilson Fisk, berating Daredevil and expressing his hatred[...]
Devil's Reign, Chip Zdarsky & Marco Checchetto's Daredevil Event
As teases in Marvel's Timeless announcements the other day, Devil's Reign is a new Daredevil event starting from Marvel in December, and crossing over into a number of New York-based superhero comics titles led by Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto, asking "Who Will Reign?" Launching in December, DEVIL'S REIGN will be a classic-style Marvel Comics crossover[...]
Are Victor LaValle & Marco Checchetto On a Storm Arakko X-Men Comic?
He tweeted out "I don't know if that will happen just yet but I have seen a few inked pages of issue 1 and let me tell you…it's going to be tremendous." Best guesses have to be a new title drawn by Marco Checchetto who recently left Daredevil for a brand new thing And further[...]
Daredevil #26
Today sees the publication of Daredevil #26 by Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne and Marco Checchetto after Elektra Natchios took over the mantle of Daredevil while Matt Murdock was jailed for two years But how long will this last? Could it be the full two years? April's solicitation still sees Elektra in the role, stating "Having taken up[...]
Zdarsky and Checchetto Reveal First Details of Daredevil Relaunch
Next year, Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto will relaunch Daredevil (as Bleeding Cool predicted – pip pip), and Marvel interviewed both creators on their website. Here's what Zdarksy had to say about the upcoming run: Things can't be business as usual no matter how badly Matt wants them to be That was in my head from my[...]
Old Man Hawkeye #1 cover by Marco Checchetto
He then decides now is the time to get back at the people who took the world away from the heroes. On his way to do this, he visits his daughter one more time, and he tries to recruit an old friend for the road. Old Man Hawkeye #1 cover by Marco Checchetto I only caught the tail[...]
Captain Phasma
So, this was the first 10/10 I gave to a single issue of a comic on this site (The Magneto Testament was the actual first). That's because Captain Phasma #1 by Kelly Thompson and Marco Checchetto blew me away from page one. Captain Phasma #1 cover by Paul Renaud A character that was given little expansion in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and, disappointingly, even less[...]
Captain Phasma #4 cover by Paul Renaud
It overcame the embarrassment she received in the last act of Force Awakens, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite Star Wars characters overall. Captain Phasma #4 art by Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa Marco Checchetto continues his incredible work on the artistic side of things, providing a gorgeous finale for this mini-series His work[...]
Captain Phasma #2 Review- The Hunt Continues
She will likely apply a scorched earth strategy to this personal mission, killing everyone she met once Rivas is dead. Marco Checchetto's art continues to astonish with another gorgeous issue full of gleaming armor, brilliant alien landscapes, and an imposing Phasma Color artist Andres Mossa gives the world texture and life with a skillfully-chosen color palette. Captain[...]
Bullseye Takes Aim at Marvel in February
By Joe Glass Bullseye#1 cover by Dave Johnson This February, Bullseye gets his own 5 issue mini from Marvel, from writer Ed Brisson and artists Guillermo Sanna which has the infamous assassin setting out to show the world they should still fear him. But the series will also feature back up stories by comics legend and Bullseye co-creator[...]
Get Your First Look At Gamora From Nicole Perlman and Marco Checchetto
Finally, Gamora, from GotG screenwriter Nicole Perlman and artist Marco Checchetto, is solicited for December and, if all goes well, will really, actually, for realz for realz be released to comic shops on December 21! Now, thanks to a tweet from Marvel Senior Communications Manager Joe Taraborelli, you can get your first look at Gamora[...]