Suicide Squad #10 Review: Urgency and Momentum

One central element of this series has been like a twig caught in your shoe, a nagging weirdness that just doesn't add up. Last issue, that concern got cleared up in the most plausible of ways, and now, in Suicide Squad #10, this series has one speed: "go!"

Suicide Squad #10 Review: Urgency and Momentum
The cover of Suicide Squad #10. Credit: DC Comics
In the opening panels, on the island of Anshea (clearly a reference to wunderkind editor Andrea Shea), a billionaire and a villain are hurled out of a skyscraper window. That's the least interesting thing that happened in this issue. It's that intense. There's yelling and flying, and fighting and surprises, and wow, so much is here you'd expect Stefon to be telling you about it.
Tom Taylor knows this is near the end of the party, and he submits a script that goes for broke; some characters still get the Mark Madsen treatment on the sidelines as superstar players sink all the baskets — looking at you Deadly Six and Chaos Kitty — but there are also a number of all-star moments (including putting on the mask, that was fantastic). Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott make every impact and utterance have urgency and momentum, pushing this story forward with a relentless pace. Somehow, you still have fantastic little character moments ("We don't have time for an argument you know you won't win") that connect these characters with the stakes. Ted Kord even shows a hint of the character we know and love. Even Zebra Man gets a clutch moment, and that's just not something anybody could see coming.

Read Suicide Squad #10, then read it again to see all the wonderful little details that you might have missed in the rush of action. RATING: BUY.

Suicide Squad #10

By Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo
The world knows Ted Kord as Blue Beetle, superhero. But the members of Task Force X know him as something else entirely — the violent and vindictive puppet master who rigged them to blow. With Deadshot murdered and Kord finally at their mercy, will the Suicide Squad get their revenge once and for all?

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