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Peacemaker promo key art (Image: WarnerMedia)
Once again, Peacemaker series creator, writer, and director James Gunn is putting social media to some good use, going onto Instagram Stories to answer fans' questions on a wide range of topics- but for this effort, we're looking at what he had to say about "The Suicide Squad" spinoff series as well as The Guardians[...]
DC Setting Up Future State In Second Son, Batman and Green Lantern
Pretty much the state that Alan Moore suggested with the Twilight Of The Superheroes proposal – but then again, aren't they all? And today's Batman #108, Green Lantern #2, Suicide Squad #3 and The Next Batman: Second Son #10 take big steps in that direction First, Batman #108 sees Mayor Nakano preparing a new kind of hero[...]
Conner Kent And Roy Harper Remembering Themselves
Today sees the release of Suicide Squad #3 from DC Comics – and earlier this week the digital-first release of Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #2 And both look at characters who have been returning to the DC Universe from the dead – or the deleted – with their memories returning as well With Conner Kent's[...]
Suicide Squad #3 is in stores from DC Comics next Tuesday, and in this preview of the issue, we find Amanda Waller scheming to poach Bolt from the Teen Titans If you thought previous versions of the Suicide Squad team were nasty, this one is definitely the worst, failing to respect the EX-X-XCLUSIVITY of contracts![...]
Teen Titans Academy
But also, Bolt, the Flash of the Future State: Suicide Squad gets her name in Teen Titans Adacemy, today. Teen Titans Academy #2 A speedster running on prostehtic blades, Alinta was the Flash of the Justice Squad, previously recruited by Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad and given her powers as a result. Future State: Suicide Squad #1 And[...]
Brother Power The Geek Can't Get James Gunn To Tweet Him
It is Bleeding Cool's belief that someone at DC Comics revived the completion of the series, co-starring Peacemaker, so they can pout a trade paperback together in time for the Suicide Squad movie and/or Peacemaker TV series But it also seems that Jeff Lemire and Keith Giffen have made a few revisions ahead of publication. Sweet[...]
Brian Azzarello & Alex Maleev's Black Label Suicide Squad: Get Joker
Thought this one has been in the works for three years or more. Brian Azzarello & Alex Maleev's Black Label Suicide Squad: Get Joker In 2018, Bleeding Cool reported that Brian Azzarello was going to be doing a Suicide Squad series, possibly with The Joker It's just that it wasn't the ongoing series, it was a Black Label[...]
8 New High Quality Images from The Suicide Squad
Even with a ton of well-deserved attention being focused on his August-premiering The Suicide Squad, writer and director James Gunn doesn't have much (or any) time to rest- not when he's still working on his and HBO Max's spinoff series Peacemaker with John Cena returning to his "Suicide Squad" role But because the two worlds have[...]
The First Trailer for The Suicid
One of those thrilling projects is the upcoming film The Suicide Squad by James Gunn, with a star-studded adventure that brings together some of DC's strangest characters together for a common goal — self-preservation. The film is something that has consistently maintained positive buzz (a major plus for the studio) and after Gunn's work on Guardians[...]
ComicConnect Auction Post - DC Film and Batman TV Props
There are several DC props up for auction in this lot, like Joker's grille from the 2016 Suicide Squad film and some throwable (fake) weapons from the Titans television series All props come with a certificate of authenticity and in the case of the Titans props, the certificates are personally handwritten by the prop fabricator[...]
DC-Loving Long Beach Mayor Calls for Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad
to completely scrap their new plans (obviously), fans then moved to demand a new vision — David Ayer's director's cut of his 2016 film Suicide Squad. One of the official posters for Suicide Squad In an interview with EW, the Suicide Squad director explains that he believes fans can handle the idea of canon and non-canon cuts,[...]
James Gunn Tells Gail Simone That She Should Really Read This Article
Inspired by the trailer to his new film, The Suicide Squad And James Gunn decided that Gail needed to read it. Twitter screencap of a tweeted screencap by James Gunn. Just to recap, that is a screencap of a James Gunn tweet featuring a screencap of a James Gunn tweet Can we go three for three? And[...]
James Gunn Made A film Just For Gail Simone
With the release of the trailer for The Suicide Squad, Gail Simone, comic book writer of Birds Of Prey, Batgirl and the Secret Six – the latter of which especially influenced this movie – tweeted her reaction "HOLY SH-T, @JAMESGUNN YOU MADE A MOVIE JUST FOR ME" She might not have expected James Gunn to[...]
Harley Quinn Gets Life-Size Suicide Squad Bust From Infinity Studio
Coming out of the DCEU, we return to the Suicide Squad as Harley is ready to kick some ass This statue comes to life right before your eyes with amazing detail that captures the likeness of Margot Robbie with remarkable quality She is displayed to perfection with the craftmanship of her tattoos, outfit, and make-up,[...]
Suicide Squad Joker Zack Snyder's Justice League
Whedon replaced all of Snyder's badass Superman scenes with scenes where Cyborg says "booyah," resulting in the movie bombing at the box office and causing DC Films head Jon Berg to pay the ultimate price. Jared Leto plays The Joker, a character he and David Ayer created, in Suicide Squad (2016) Credit: Warner Bros. But now, Snyder[...]