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Suicide Squad #10 Review: Urgency and Momentum
With Deadshot murdered and Kord finally at their mercy, will the Suicide Squad get their revenge once and for all? One central element of this series has been like a twig caught in your shoe, a nagging weirdness that just doesn't add up Last issue, that concern got cleared up in the most plausible of[...]
Suicide Squad #9 Review: Wildly Entertaining
Wait, no, don't leave, hang on, it's all right! While the idea of the old "Bwa-ha-ha" guy as a manipulative villain type who tried to overthrow a country for profit may seem, on its face, ridiculous, there's more than meets the eye like Mirage hanging out with Hound. Once you get past that one weird bit[...]
The cover of Suicide Squad #7. Credit: DC Comics
It'll read better and make more sense, because this issue is all about Mister Floyd Lawton, who does business under the name Deadshot, and the creative team does everything they possibly can to do right by him. The cover of Suicide Squad #7 Credit: DC Comics Lawton has a full pardon for the many, many horrible bullet[...]
First Appearance Of Liveshot in Today's Suicide Squad - Not In The UK
Zoe Lawton is the daughter of DC Comics character, Deadshot, or Floyd Lawton She was created by Christos N Gage and Steven Cummings, first appearing in Deadshot Vol 2 #1 A time that Deadshot was a little bit tetchy about… well… There was a history there you see Deadshot had been a father. And now he was[...]
DC Creators Discuss Killing Atomic Skull and Deadshot at SDCC
During their DC@Home Day One panel for this year's digital SDCC, DC introduced a panel of creators who gathered to talk about killing two of their characters gleefully: Atomic Skull and Deadshot Editor Jamie S Rich introduced writer Tom Taylor, saying, "He's known for killing…" To which Tom interjected with a gleefully murderous tone, and a glint[...]
Suicide Squad #6 Review: Superbly Entertaining
I'm not gonna lie … it's never ended well." With a wonderful nostalgic twist from Wes Abbott, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas turn in a fight scene that's really, really good that leads to an epic time stalling one-on-one between Batman and Deadshot Just when it gets good, the interaction between the two characters gets even[...]
Suicide Squad #5 Review -- "Real Steel In Its Spine"
Redondo also has a great mastery of the body language of each character — the barely repressed, calculated rage of Osita; the confidence Deadshot has in his aim, the initiative of Jog, and so on All of that is fantastic to see. Tom Taylor's scripting is the king of this kind of characterization, giving, in particular,[...]
Deadshot Aims up His Show With New DC Direct Statue
Deadshot has been out of the spotlight since the demise of Suicide Squad in theaters Floyd has made quite of a name for himself over the years and he defiantly deserves a spot in Batman's Rogues Gallery This is one of five statues for this multi part collectibles piece Deadshot is sporting his classic outfit[...]
REVIEW: Suicide Squad #3 -- "This Issue Is Very Enjoyable"
A deception has been perpetrated against Lok, the angry new handler of Task Force X, and the legacy members (King Shark, Deadshot and Harley Quinn) are trying to catch up as Osita, Fin, Deadly Six, Wink, Thylacine, The Aerie, Jog and Chaos Kitten mostly get chances to distinguish themselves beyond rudimentary displays of power The[...]
Deadshot Is Locked and Loaded With New Prime 1 Studio Statue 
Deadshot is ready to claim his kill with the new Prime 1 Studio Premium DC Comics Statue This statue will have two separate versions available with the Prime 1 exclusive one coming with a third head featuring his classic appearance Both Deadshot statues will feature a special LED light up head that defiantly brings the[...]
Batman and Deadshot Team-Up in Detective Comics in August
Beginning in Detective Comics #1009, the "Take Your Shot" storyline will see Deadshot and Batman team-up! It begins when Batman is concerned that the former villain will revert to his pre-Suicide Squad ways without the influence of Amanda Waller, but it turns out the reason Deadshot came to Gotham City was to seek out Batman's[...]
Idris Elba NOT Playing Deadshot in 'The Suicide Squad'?!?
Most recently Viola Davis– why would Amanda Waller be back if this film isn't connected to the previous one? We digress. Actor Idris ElbaPhoto by Denis Makarenko / The newest bit of information comes from Variety, who now say Idris Elba, thought to be replacing Will Smith as Deadshot in the film, is not actually playing Deadshot. The outlet says[...]