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DC Comics Blue Beetle & Booster Gold Pre-Orders Arrive from McFarlane 
The time has come as it is Bros Before Heroes as pre-orders finally arrive for McFarlane Toys newest 2-Pack figure set! Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are back and are ready for some new adventures! The DC Comics DC Multiverse line is getting a real treat here with a figure set right from the fan-favorite[...]
Booster Gold and Blue Beetle 2-Pack Coming Soon to McFarlane Toys
Move over Batman and Robin; there is a new dynamic duo in town with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle This Super Friendship dates back to 1987's Justice League #4 as these heroes team up to take down the Royal Flush Gang The heroes went on to do many more tea-ups together, only building up their[...]
Blue Beetle (Fox Features Syndicate, 1947/1948)
We've mentioned his Fox work on Dagar, Desert Hawk, and Rulah, Jungle Goddess recently, and his Blue Beetle work is also highly sought after by collectors.  This era of the Blue Beetle series is well known to have garnered a couple of mentions in Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent, but that's only part of[...]
Blue Beetle #19 (Charlton, 1955)
Blue Beetle #19 (Charlton, 1955) contains a story from Blue Beetle #55 (Fox Feature Syndicate, 1948) called The Anonymous Atom, which appears to be by Jack Kamen and others from the Jerry Iger studio This is not unusual, as much of that short lived 1955 Blue Beetle #18-21 series is composed of reprints of original[...]
Mystery Men Comics #7 (Fox, 1940)
Despite his historic debut 83 years ago this month, in Mystery Men Comics #1 from publisher Victor Fox, it took a few months for the Blue Beetle to emerge as the star of the series.  The evolution of the character in the series parallels the rapid rise of superheroes during those historic later months of 1939. [...]
Blue Beetle #22 (Holyoke, 1943)
On March 6, 1942, the notorious Golden Age publisher of Blue Beetle and much more, Victor Fox was forced into bankruptcy by creditors.  Fascinatingly, one of those creditors, printer Holyoke Press took over the title, and with Fox's Blue Beetle and other titles the publisher acquired under similar circumstances from Frank Z Temerson, Holyoke decided[...]
Big 3 #4 (Fox, 1941)
Fox Feature Syndicate founder Victor Fox was one of the most notorious publishers of the Golden Age of comic books — and that's saying something.  Through lawsuits over copying characters from other publishers, two bankruptcies, and tangling with the War Production Board over violating paper quotas, Fox was a man who wasn't afraid to get[...]
Blue Beetle #2 (Fox Features Syndicate, 1940)
1940 was the Blue Beetle's year.  After launching in June 1939 in Mystery Men Comics #1, Dan Garrett, the Golden Age Blue Beetle would get a newspaper strip starting in January 1940, and his own series which hit newsstands around the same time A radio show started in May 1940 Like a lot of superheroes,[...]
DC Showcase: Constantine, The House of Mystery; 4 New Images
Matthew Lanter channels his childhood hero voicing Ted Kord in The Blue Beetle By now, you may have already curled up on your couch with a big bowl of cereal and enjoyed the Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia-laden short featured along with three other stories in DC Showcase- Constantine: House of Mystery Inspired by the 60s[...]
DC Comics
The Black Beetle was originally a citizen of the future, approached by Mister Mind to join the Time Stealers, tasked with preventing Jamie Reyes from becoming the Blue Beetle, by posing as the Blue Beetle of the future, but changing history in the process. He claims to be Hector, brother of Nadia one of Blue Beetle tech[...]
Cover image for Blue & Gold #8
Buggles turns on Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in this preview of Blue and Gold #8, the series finale Check out the preview below. BLUE & GOLD #8 DC Comics 0222DC087 (W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Ryan Sook Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Things have never been easy for Booster and Beetle as they set out on their[...]
Blue Beetle: Sharon Stone Reportedly in Talks to Be The Villain
Blue Beetle could have found its villain in one kick-ass actress This cast is already pretty damn impressive, and it looks like they are gaining another big name According to The Wrap, Academy Award nominee and Emmy-winning actress Sharon Stone is reportedly in talks to join the cast as an original character created for the[...]
During their conversation, the topic shifted to how viewers on social media have been pushing for Braff to play the Ted Kord version of Blue Beetle- an idea Braff was more than willing to support (more on that below) Well, in this week's episode they return to the topic with Faison admitting that the series[...]
Blue Beetle: George Lopez, Adriana Barraza, And More Join the Cast
It looks like the cast for Blue Beetle continues to grow, which means that they are either in production or getting ready to kick off production The latest round of castings more or less fills out the rest of Jamie's family unit, which is an essential element of the story they are looking to tell[...]
Now thanks to his Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald podcast with friend & Scrubs co-star Zach Braff, we're learning some cool information about Faison's future with the "Legends" and the future that Braff is officially throwing his hat into the ring to have with the "Legends." Image: The CW, DC Comics & Screencap Starting[...]