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Victor Fox, 1938.
Hamilburg Agency to help get Fox properties into film, radio, merchandise, and syndicated newspaper strips. Fox's push to get his comic book material into other media worked far better than history generally remembers.  In addition to the Blue Beetle newspaper strip, several others were announced, and a handful of newspapers had a full-fledged Fox Feature Syndicate[...]
Blue Beetle #1 (Fox Features Syndicate, 1939)
1940 marked a significant level-up for the character Blue Beetle, especially with the launch of Blue Beetle #1, an important series debut that hit the newsstands alongside the character's own newspaper strip starting in January of the same year.  The character had initially made his debut in June 1939 through Mystery Men Comics #1 as[...]
Science Comics #6
Blue Beetle #18 published by Fox Comics in 1943 featured the Golden Age version of the Blue Beetle character who has gained a little more attention due to the movie which has nothing to do with this version of the character whatsoever He is accompanied by his Golden Age sidekick Sparky – later known as[...]
Blue Beetle Rides The Train At Heritage Auctions
Blue Beetle, no not the one in theaters right now, but the original one, from the 1940's, is one of the most fun super heroes you can read It is also getting extremely hard to find his golden age books, as the numbers climb in the aftermarket for some heroes and stories that may have[...]
Golden Age Blue Beetle Sales Continue to Benefit From the New Movie
The new Blue Beetle movie may have very little to do with the original Blue Beetle character published by Fox Comics in the thirties and forties, but it has put a fire under those Golden Age comic book sales This copy of Blue Beetle #7 from 1941, unslabbed, currently has bids at Heritage Art Auctions[...]
Mystery Men #1 Comics, 1939, Fox Features Syndicate, Blue Beetle title panel.
The first appearance of the original Blue Beetle, Mystery Men Comics #1 remains one of the most overlooked key comic books of the golden age.  Hitting newsstands around June 15, 1939, this series was launched very near the beginning of the super-hero wavefront that ultimately transformed pop culture Mystery Men Comics #1 hit the newsstand in the[...]
Blue Beetle Stands Out On Mystery Men Comics #24 At Heritage Auctions
As 1941 progressed, Blue Beetle experienced some "power inflation," as sometimes happens with comic book superheroes.  He became stronger, tougher, faster, and started jumping around the rooftops of New York City — to the point where he seemed to be able to fly at one point.  As his abilities grew, so did the threats he[...]
Blue Beetle #12 (Holyoke, 1942)
On March 6, 1942, the notorious Golden Age publisher of Blue Beetle and much more, Victor Fox was forced into bankruptcy by creditors.  Fascinatingly, one of those creditors, printer Holyoke Press took over the title, and with Fox's Blue Beetle and other titles the publisher acquired under similar circumstances from Frank Z Temerson, Holyoke decided[...]
Big 3 #4 (Fox Feature Syndicate, 1941)
It was an anthology title featuring Fox's three most popular characters at the time — The Blue Beetle, the Flame, and Samson This Blue Beetle was the first, Dan Garret, created in 1939, usually credited to Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski, though Will Eisner is believed to be the scripter of the first story Eisner has stated[...]
Mystery Men Comics #28 (Fox, 1941) featuring Blue Beetle.
In the Golden Age, comic book superheroes often didn't spring onto the comic page fully formed.  Sometimes, changes from issue to issue were due to a lack of attention to detail as publishers tasked creators to just get the stories out quickly to try to take advantage of the comic book superhero boom of the[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
Discovery announced that Blue Beetle will arrive on digital starting September 26th There were a lot of big releases this summer, so it's not surprising that some flew under the radar, but now we can rectify that Warner Bros Entertainment released a new behind-the-scenes featurette to announce the film being released on digital. Own your legacy,[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
Boutté and Uwandi spoke to Bleeding Cool about the origins of their studio, how they operated during the COVID pandemic, and design inspiration for Warner Bros' DC superhero film Blue Beetle The film follows Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña), who becomes an alien symbiotic host through a mysterious artifact, bestowing the recent college graduate with a[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
While promoting their latest film in Warner Bros' Blue Beetle, Boutté Jr and Uwandi spoke to Bleeding Cool about a variety of topics, including comparing their work in DC and Marvel, how they're adjusting to the increased demand in the streaming era, what other genres they hope to do, and how they're adapting to the[...]
Blue Beetle #1 Preview: Can He Sell More Copies Than Tickets?
Jaime Reyes is set to rejoin the ongoing melodrama of spandex-clad action-figure fodder with Blue Beetle #1, hitting shelves harder than a comic book writer's plummeting self esteem this September 5th Our man Jaime here is not just content at graduating and deciding what variant of instant noodles his new life can afford No, siree![...]
Blue Beetle: New BTS Featurette, 4 Images, New Poster, & 4 BTS Images
DC's Blue Beetle has been an exciting point of reinvention for the current era of DC, but more importantly, it has offered fans of all ages a leading Latino superhero with an opportunity to create a significant moment in comic book film history But as it turns out, the film's director not only wanted to[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
Blue Beetle is not setting the box office on fire, which is a shame because it might be the second-best superhero movie of 2023 so far We can hope that it will continue to inch toward a decent number over the next couple of weeks as we head into the early fall season We are[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
Blue Beetle didn't exactly reinvent the superhero wheel in many ways, but one thing that it did very differently was the Reyes family in general We have known for a long time that Jaime wouldn't be sneaking around his family home trying to keep the Scarab and everything that was going on a secret They[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
The one that gets the most credit is, without a double, Blue Beetle This is the first superhero movie in a long time that has figured out how to do cinematic worldbuilding right However, to talk about why Blue Beetle's cinematic worldbuilding works, we must throw up a SPOILER WARNING So, if you haven't seen[...]
Blue Beetle Review: A Solid Superhero Film, Doesn't Reinvent The Genre
Blue Beetle hits all of the familiar notes of the superhero genre and is a solid origin story for a new young hero However, it doesn't bring anything particularly new to the genre either, aside from the family dynamic. Director: Angel Manuel Soto Summary: An alien scarab chooses college graduate Jaime Reyes to be its symbiotic host, bestowing[...]
Blue Beetle: 2 New Posters
So why not give us a little more Blue Beetle action now that we've slowly entered the fresh arena with a lively hero? © 2023 Warner Bros Ent All Rights Reserved TM & © DC. While speaking with Inverse about the release of Blue Beetle, the film's director, Ángel Manuel Soto, discussed that exact need to naturally[...]
Taste the Power of Blue Beetle with G FUEL’s New Flavor: Khaji-Da
Embrace the power of Blue Beetle with the help of G FUEL as they have joined forces with Warner Bros Discovery and DC with a new flavor Coming to life right off the big-screen debut of the newest DC Comics film Blue Beetle comes the Khaji-Da-inspired drink The Khaji-Da is the name of the powerful[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
Blue Beetle did indeed unseat Barbie from the top position at the weekend box office, though now that the actual numbers are out, it does not feel impressive The latest offering from DC scored $25.4 million, below projections Who knows what specific factors contributed to that, but what it really seems to boil down to[...]
Blue Beetle Director Ángel Manuel Soto Tapped For The Wrecking Crew
The Monday after a solid release weekend for a director usually brings good things, and it is no different for Blue Beetle director Ángel Manuel Soto. Blue Beetle is coming off a solid $43 million worldwide debut with good critical and commercial buzz that could keep this film in the top three for the next couple[...]
Blue Beetle: 2 New Posters
Warner Bros.'s newest flick Blue Beetle is officially out after moving from a planned streaming release on Max to a theatrical one, earning a grand total that currently exceeds $20 million so far While the studio might be experiencing difficulties establishing their superhero adaptations ad box office hits lately, there are still a lot of[...]
Blue Beetle
Just got back from seeing Blue Beetle at the BFI IMAX in London Waterloo, with my youngest When you want to go big, you go big I managed to get a shot of the comic book creator credits in the "Special Thanks! just before the post-credit scene (and yes, there is one, and it is[...]
Blue Beetle: New BTS Featurette, 4 Images, New Poster, & 4 BTS Images
Batgirl), making each final release a win in itself. Thankfully, DC's upcoming film Blue Beetle is one of those titles that's managed to survive a pivotal turnout point for the studio and boldly moved from a streaming release to officially hit theaters worldwide With the film being just days away from release, the director is now[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
We're getting extremely close to the launch of DC's Blue Beetle, which in many ways, acts as a soft entry into the new state of DC after a lot of reevaluating – and that means new heroes, new villains, and new stories, leaving us with immense hope for the upcoming superhero flick. Now, before its release[...]
New Blue Beetle Trailer Teases A Reluctant Hero Plus 4
Blue Beetle is coming out in just over a week, with plenty of buzz from fans about the hype-worthy hero's exciting debut in DC! And as of now, the trailers, posters, and cast sentiment have all given us even higher hopes for the rookie hero's first on-screen appearance So, of course, we're already wondering what[...]
Blue Beetle: New Poster And Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Released
The marketing for Blue Beetle will push this film hard as we head into the final weeks before it is released DC and Warner Bros are more or less 0/2 on DC releases in 2023 right now with Shazam! Fury of the Gods underperforming at the box office and critically, and The Flash is cited as[...]