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Summertime Lazy: Jughead Volume 2

Summertime Lazy: Jughead Volume 2

It's summer vacation and Jughead is doing what he does best; nothing. When his dad kicked him out of the house for the day, Jughead goes to the local pool where his best friend Archie is "working" as a lifeguard. He's really only working on hitting on as many girls as possible. Jughead convinces Arch that he's been neglecting his best friend duties, so the duo take a vacation to Dilton's family summer home. I never really thought of Dilton as the type to have money, but here we are.

Summertime Lazy: Jughead Volume 2

Unfortunately for them, The Mantle Family Reunion is also happening right next door, ruining what would have been an otherwise good vacation. For the record, being a jerk runs in Reggie's family. Reggie's grandfathr gives Archie a wedgie, and Reggie's younger cousin slaps a hamburger out of Jughead's hands. It was devastating to watch. The two decide to go on a hike and wind up getting into a fight, but this is the classic world of Riverdale. They make up and life goes on.

Things even get a little sillier as the trade goes on. This volume collects the Sabrina arc in Jughead. For fans of the original Archie line you'll know that Sabrina and Jughead are long time friends. In fact he's the only one who knows that she's a witch. In this reboot Jughead first meets Sabrina when she's wearing a burger costume, causing Jughead to develop a crush on her. It's actually really endearing to see. Jughead's awkward first hello's develop into confidence, and it even evolves into Jughead feeling like he's unlocked some achievement for befriending a talking burger. One things leads to another and the Sabrina Burger asks Jughead to hang out.

Jughead Volume 2 Panel 2

Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North and Derek Charm are a winning team. They capture the spirit of Jughead in a fresh new way. What I sincerely love about the new Jughead is how passionate he is about food, and how awkward he is. We can all relate to him in some way. Everyone can take something away from Jughead. If you're not reading it, why not?

Jughead Volume 2 Panel 3

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