Superman Beats Superior On Bleeding Cool Bestseller List

3252115-superman+unchained+01A collation of the top ten charts of a number if disparate stores, measuring sales on Wednesdays and Thursdays only, those who can't wait till the weekend to buy their comics. A indication of unstoppable desire….

  1. Superman Unchained #3
  2. Superior Spider-Man #16
  3. Avengers #18
  4. Justice League Dark #23
  5. Batman And Nightwing #23
  6. X-Men#4
  7. Indestructible Hulk #12
  8. Wonder Woman #23
  9. Batman 66 #2
  10. Daredevil #30

From the following retailers…

Justice League Dark #23 sold very well thanks to DC offering us returns if we match JL orders. Regular JLD sales are way below JL and JLA and this, for us, is a success. Don't see Marvel doing similar offers on their crossovers..

Having Kyle Higgins in for a signing boosted the numbers for Batman Beyond Universe into the top 10 for me.

Superman Unchained #3 is the top seller, but the power of the cross-over had a good showing with Avengers Assemble selling out day 1 and i tripled my order, still was not enough.

Guardians of the Galaxy has kicked into high gear with people picking up sets of 1-5 of the new series. New 52 Batman sells out as soon as back-issues come in, can't get enough to keep up with demand.

A book that I thought would TANK hit #10 this week (Trinity of Sin #3) – underordered issues 1 & 2 for entire chain – probably would have made the charts then if I'd ordered properly.

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