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McFarlane Toys Reveals First DC COmics Figures, Up For Order Now!
MSRP is $19.99 to $24.99 USD for each figure. "McFarlane Toys has kept the DC Multiverse action figure line-up and images top-secret, but today I'm thrilled to show fans, collectors and big kids, like me, the incredible range of DC Super Hero and Super-Villain character designs that our team has created just for them to bring[...]
47 Thoughts About 46 Comics – Axis, Game Of Thrones, Superman Unchained, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Bloodshot, Suicide Risk, Fairy Quest, Garfield, Fiction Squad, Hulk, American Legends, Artifacts, Life After Logan, Weapon X Program, Dr Mirage, Regular Show, Eternal Warrior, Woods, Empty Man, God Hates Astronauts, Ghost Fleet, Day Men, Gotham Academy, Amazing World Of Gumball, Grayson, Over The Garden Wall, Real Heroes, Nailbiter, Velvet, Cloaks, Futures End, Penny Dora, Lil Vampirella, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Green Arrow, Lobo, Turok, Robocop, Worlds End, Chew, John Carter, Blood Queen, Jennifer Blood And Solar
And I thought I had a long wait in the hospital yesterday. From Superman Unchained #9… hang on, hasn't Lex Lthor been reading the comic? Or he'd know exactly what Nagasaki was now in New 52 DC continuity and wouldn't be making such a flippant reference… Kitty Pryde seems to be discovering that her third Peter[...]
A Comic Show – From Axis Inversion To Image Incantation
You should too. For DC, I only felt compelled to talk about JL 3000 with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Swamp Thing, and the final issue of Superman Unchained. Axis #4 features Kluh, the inversion of Hulk He's still the strongest, but you won't like him cuz he's sad Spider-Verse part 1, and Spider-Verse Team-up #1 are[...]
Getting DC All Access At Wondercon – From Jim Lee To Shelly Bond (UPDATE)
It was a full hall shortly after the opening of Wondercon and just as DC's booth at the con is front and center, DC snagged one of the earliest opening panel times for the show as well in their "all access" approach. Panelists included DC's Co-publisher, and penciller on Superman Unchained, Jim Lee, and 3 editors,[...]
Superman Unchained #8 And #9 Cancelled… For Now
Superman Unchained #7 by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee was meant to come out in February but has now been delayed until the 30th April. Superman Unchained #8 was meant to have come out last week but was delayed until the 28th May. And the final issue, Superman Unchained #9, was meant to have come out on April 30th[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 5th January 2014 – Unchained Unleashed
Might be a different story next week. Superman Unchained #5 New Avengers #13 Guardians Of The Galaxy #10 Damian Son of Batman #3 Batman the Dark Knight #26 Aquaman #26 Flash #26 Superman #26 Justice League Dark #26 Savage Wolverine #11 Thanks to the following retailers, Graham Crackers Comics of Illinois Impulse Creations of Tulsa, Oklahoma Eide's Entertainment of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California Pittsburgh Comics of McMurray, Pennsylvania Jetpack[...]
Twenty-Five Thoughts About Twenty-Five Comics – Red Lanterns, ARGUS, Flash, Catwoman, Sinister Dexter, Green Team, Deadworld, GI Joe, Teen Titans, Aquaman, Atomic Robo, Rachel Rising, Jonah Hex, Dead Boy Detectives, Justice League Dark, Superman Unchained, Revelations, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Savage Wolverine, New Avengers, Artifacts, Hawken Melee, THUNDER Agents, Legenderry And Dredd Classic
A very snug fit, there. Superman Unchained rewrites history again, this time all of technology as we know it (and am typing on right now) is down to aliens Again. Something that Revelation would be hella keen on, in its debut issue from Boom! Sometimes it's just really nice to see Kevin Maguire draw people;s faces, siuch as[...]
A Comic Show – The Legenderry Last Week Of The Year
Oh, and Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's Superman Unchained #5 did it for me This is where it all came together, the themes and subplots all crashed like waves on the shore These are themes I want a Superman book to take on and a applaud Snyder for doing it! The flash forward pages were[...]
Thirty-Three Thoughts About Thirty-Two Comics – Painkiller Jane, Captain America, Batman/Superman, Batwing, Green Arrow, Mighty Avengers, The Movement, Superman Unchained, Red Sonja Legends, Detective Comics, Action Comics, Iron Man, Longshot, The Star Wars, Victories, East Of West, Amazing X-Men, Ten Grand, Spawn, Grindhouse, Occultist, Fatale, Uber, Absolution, Drumhellar, Alex + Ada, Baltimore: Infernal, Cobra Files, Dark Cybertron, Morning Glories And Classic Dredd
Until you look in the Green Arrow  Zero Year issue and get… Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot apparently. Superman gets one new ability in Superman Unchained #4… And another in Batman/Superman #4 Gotta catch 'em all! That's right, Red Sonja of the new Legends Of Red Sonja #1, you bite that creature's tentacle, you bite[...]
Superman Unchained, Only Nine Issues Long? (UPDATE)
I'm working currently on [the nine-issue series] "Superman Unchained" with a writer named Scott Snyder. The square brackets indicate that this was said elsewhere in the interview but not in the actual paragraph quoted I suppose, the next question is… what comes next? After Europa that is… Could it be that WildCATS revival that Bleeding Cool[...]
Superman Beats Superior On Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
A indication of unstoppable desire…. Superman Unchained #3 Superior Spider-Man #16 Avengers #18 Justice League Dark #23 Batman And Nightwing #23 X-Men#4 Indestructible Hulk #12 Wonder Woman #23 Batman 66 #2 Daredevil #30 From the following retailers… Curious Comics of Victoria, BC, Canada Impulse Creations of Tulsa, Oklahoma Eide's Entertainment of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Comics of McMurray, Pennsylvania Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California Laughing Ogre Comics of Lansdowne and Fairfax, Virginia, and[...]
Superman Unchained – The SDCC Panel
Chris D'Lando writes for Bleeding Cool: The entire creative team behind Superman Unchained took the stage at SDCC to talk about the genesis for their new series Moderator Bob Wayne was joined by Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, and Dustin Nguyen. The panelists dove into a behind the scenes look at how a variety[...]