Talking Comics – Doom Patrol #1, Gotham Academy Second Semester #1, Hadrians Wall #1!

Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week's upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines.

Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say:

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Gerard Way has been given the keys to the kingdom starting this week with the new release of Doom Patrol #1 from his new DC Comics imprint, Young Animals! This is going to give us a brand-new Doom Patrol series featuring some classic characters and it looks like some new characters added to the team and for all of you folks that enjoyed the fun, cult classic imaginative series in its heyday many years ago, get ready for more of the same with a new twist from this award-winning writer!

For all you fans of Gotham Academy, we get the new series, Second Semester, starting this week as we get to focus on Olive Silverlock and the changes that are going on at the Gotham Academy and she may be the only person that can actually solve the puzzles and mysteries that are going on all around them!

From Image Comics this week, we get a brand-new sci-fi thriller series called Hadrian's Wall, the story of a serial killer in space and the one cop that has the best chance of solving the mystery must also investigate his ex-wife!

This week we get tons of Civil War 2 tie-in issues from Marvel Comics such as A-Force #9, Civil War II Amazing Spider-Man #4, Civil War II Gods Of War #4, Civil War II Ulysses #2, Mockingbird #7, Deadpool #18, Rocket Raccoon And Groot #9, Spider-Man #8, Spider-Man 2099 #15, Uncanny Avengers #14, and Uncanny Inhumans #13!

Also, several of our favorite comics are hitting the shelf this week such as Briggs Land #2, Harrow County #16, Animosity #2, and Black Monday Murders #2!

Don't miss out on our Picks of the Week this week because these are some of the most highly anticipated comics that we are looking forward to and would be the only comic we actually walk out of the comic shop with if we had to!

Also, this week, instead of one Question of the Week, we're giving you two, so take a moment to check them out and give us your thoughts and comments down below!

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