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It's another huge week for DC Comics as we get to finally launch into some of the main twice monthly titles that will be coming from the new DC Rebirth event, but before we get to that, we do get a select Rebirth title this week with Titans Rebirth #1, dropping this week throwing us headfirst into what the Titans will be as a part of in this new universe. They don't know each other and now they've got their memories back…what will they become once they are reunited?

This week we also get to see Superman, Batman, Green Lanterns and Green Arrow get their regular ongoing monthly or twice monthly series, depending on each series that starts this week.  Now we are gearing up to go full throttle into the new DC Rebirth event.  If you're reading the Dark Knight 3 from DC Comics, do not miss out on the Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade, a one shot that is giving us even more story of what happened in this particular universe before the Dark Knight returned and what happened to the last Robin.

Marvel is giving us another huge Star Wars title this week with the miniseries for Han Solo. Han Solo #1 drops this week, and we get to find out what his mission is that he was given and how he disguised it in the galaxy's most infamous starship race ever.  Find out more with this issue and for all of you Loki fans out there, we get to see Loki of Asgard run for President of the United States this week with Vote Loki #1 dropping.  This is by the same creator that gave us GwenPool, Christopher Hastings, so this should be quite a fun, interesting, and exciting series to see what exactly Loki is up to in this issue.

Don't forget, we also get even more Civil War 2 storylines this week with Civil War 2 #1.  Also, Civil War 2 X-Men #1 sees the mutants enter into the Civil War 2 fray.  We get to find out what exactly Magneto has in mind for mutantkind as he takes matters into his own hands.

Tons of our favorite comics are hitting the shelf this week as well so don't forget to tell us in the comments below what you would like to read first this week.

Don't forget our Question of the Week.  We are talking even more DC Rebirth, and we want to know your thoughts so far!

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