Teen Lantern and Jo Mullein Join John Stewart in Green Lantern #1

We knew that the new Green Lantern series written by Geoffrey Thorne for DC Infinite Frontier in April from DC Comics would feature John Stewart prominently. It's just not the only Lantern. Obviously not Hal Jordan, Geoff Thorne is not a masochist. But it is also worth noting that the series was announced at CCXP with Tom Raney as the series artist, rather than the now-solicited Dexter Soy. What went down?

Teen Lantern and Jo Mullein Join John Stewart in Green Lantern #1
Teen Lantern and Jo Mullein Join John Stewart in Green Lantern #1

Let us know if you know. Anyway, as well as John Stewart, the new series will also feature Young Justice's Teen Lantern character Keli Quintela and Far Sector's "Soujourn" Jo Mullein, who has a strong role in the Future State: Justice League series right now. And the new series will have its launch in DC's Infinite Frontier #0 – which will be true for many other comic book series on March 2nd. Or whenever it gets leaked. So, see you hear at the end of February, shall we? Won't be long now – tik tik tik…

card stock variant cover by BRYAN HITCH
1:25 card stock variant cover by ALEX MALEEV
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$4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC
As this new Green Lantern series begins, the newly formed United Planets and the Guardians of the Universe hold an intergalactic summit to decide who can best serve and protect the cosmos from danger. With the majority of Green Lanterns called back to Oa, John Stewart arrives alongside Teen Lantern Keli Quintela, whose powerful gauntlet could be one of the most powerful and unstable weapons in the universe. With the entire landscape of the universe in flux, is this the end of the Green Lantern Corps…or a new beginning?

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