The Daily LITG, November 22nd, 2018 – Thanks For All You've Given

Bleeding Cool would be nothing without our readers. Some people come across one story in their lives, let Bleeding Cool know, and it blows up big. So this is a chance for me to thank you all – for reading, for contributing, for e-mailing or messaging me when I've got something wrong. It really is appreciated.

And, as ever, a welcome to the daily Lying In The Gutters. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here.

And regarding the most popular story today, writer Bryan Hill writes,

Read us, Bryan, read us….

Five most-read stories yesterday – with a twist.

  1. DC Comics Cancels Batman & The Outsiders Orders, Will Resolicit Later in 2019
  2. Cyclops and Wolverine Rebuild the X-Men in February, Starting With Another 8 Dollar Issue
  3. Batman #62 to Replace Batman #61
  4. Will Donny Cates Bring Back Karen Page to the Marvel Universe in Marvel Knights Twist? (#2 Spoilers)
  5. The Brutality Of Batman Crosses a Line in Batman #59 Twist (SPOILERS)

Happening today:

It's Thanksgiving.

And a happy birthday to:

  • Colorist on Sandman, The Dreaming, Lucifer, Shade The Changing Man, Doom Patrol, Fables and The Invisibles, Daniel Vozzo
  • Roy Thomas, Marvel legend, writer on X-Men, Avengers, All-Star Squadron, and the instigator of Conan comic books.
  • Creator of Trekker, comic book artist Ron Randall
  • Jon Sommariva, artist on TMNT, Batman/TMNT, Go Boy and Gemini.
  • Comic book creator Dan Brereton
  • James E. Roche, writer of The Wretches comic.
  • Comic book journalist Erika Svensson
  • Jeff Wamester, director at Marvel Animation
  • Adaptor of The Hobbit into graphic novels, David Wenzel

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