The Deadpool Effect – Greenlights For Lobo, Harley Quinn And Venom?

loboDeadpool has changed the game. An opening weekend that dwarfed all superhero movies aside from the Avengers, despite having a lower budget and a far lower profile than Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, X-Men and Wolverine, has confounded expectations. Everyone is all of a confuddle

Which is going to make for some very interesting West Coast conversations today. The e-mails will have been buzzing all weekend. An R-Rated superhero movie that breaks all manner of rules, that doesn't try to be all things to all men and, for heaven's sake starred Ryan Reynolds?

What would have happened if Fox could have afforded to put another X-Men in there?

Anyway, as all studios race to chase the one-off success of Deadpool, what superheroes will be pushed to the fore to take advantage of this me-tooism?

DC have two big choices. Harley Quinn, who could spin out nicely from the upcoming Suicide Squad in a far more outrageous and focused comic.

The other is Lobo.

Both have huge fanbases, both are cosplay favourites, both can go R-Rated without trying too hard, and can be completely outrageous when doing so. If nothing else, expect Suicide Squad to be heavily tweaked…

There's always the possibility of Midnighter of course. Indeed Deadpool has just made a screen version of The Authority slightly more likely.

While Sony mus be thanking teir lucky stars they have Bloodshot lined up from their Valiant line. But their Spider-Man side might like to relook at Venom. Treat his appearance in Spider-Man 3 like Fox did Wolverine Origins and start from scratch, doing him right this time. Hyperviolent, ridiculous on screen, funny,  the power set is a bit more expensive to portray than Deadpool though.

While Marvel Studios themselves? After having their asses kicked by a character they gave away as part of a job lot?

They have Slapstick, Madcap, Rocket Raccoon could make for a spin-off, there are certain things they cold do to Squirrel Girl…

Maybe it's time to revisit Miracleman. Or maybe just call it Marvelman. Killed by the performance of Watchmen, there's just that chance it could really work and really connect – if done right.

Though in related news – isn't it handy for Marvel that Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange just as Sherlock's audience in China reaches 98 million? That should help.

But maybe film companies should look elsewhere… is this now the right time for Evan Dorkin's Milk And Cheese to make the big time? Johnny The Homicidal Maniac? Evil Ernie? Tank Girl 2?

Just know that, post Deadpool, it's a whole new world…


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